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How do I make Shaggy hair in Vroid.

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I hate trying to replicate cartoon hair. It's just blobs with impossible hair spikes. There's no way to actually make Shaggy's hair. It defies cartesian space.

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It's possible, you'll just never get it to look identical from every angle. Sacrifices will have to be made. This is why anime figurines often look close but "not quite" identical. Of course there are cheaty ways you can make separate meshes that change depending on the relationship to the camera, but it's complicated and probably not worth it. Before anyone asks idfk how to do it.

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For blob cartoon hair like that it is better to sculpt it on Zbrush or Blender. It can be done in Vroid but it won't look as good due to it's strand based nature

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good idea. seen any fine examples of this?

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t. Never looked at a reference sheet

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