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Do you think there will be a big major japanese studio who will spend big bucks into developing some tech to make anime with 3D that doesn't look like current failed imitations?

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What the fuck are you trying to say? Who gives a shit?

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Nothing will replace handdrawn anime.

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ArcSystems does this. Making 3d look like 2d is more expensive/ time consuming than just using 2d.

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This looks really good and there already is a tool: Pencil+4

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It's funny that despite strive essentially being their flagship game for the fake-2D look and arcsys the flagship studio for it, it seems to circle back into looking more like stylized 3d rather than the 2d effect they were going for.
Xrd wasn't perfect at it either but strive just feels 3D from start to finish, when Xrd has its eye-fooling moments.

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Different art style

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>Bro its not worse or shit its just a quirk of the artstyle
Kill yourself

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Hand drawn with limited animation will always be better than a fuckfest done with 3D or ai or whichever buzzword.

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Why? What's the actual process? Wouldn't it just be developing the 3D -> 2D process once and then you can just put the model in different poses and pump out 2D images? That seems way faster than drawing the same character in different poses in 2D.

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A.I: i'm about to end billions of careers

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The edit and keyframe the normals of the mesh per frame to control what's in light/shadow, what is a highlight or bounced light, etc. The texture of hair and cloth folds are edited in as well. The shader colors everything after normal editing is done.

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I forgot some things, but normal editing is the biggest reason why Arc System's method takes so long. The outlines and mesh are animated/deformed per frame, normal editing is used to keep colors consistent during smear frames. It's difficult to make all of these changes look good without a lot of training, so Arc Systems probably has a small number of animators to costs down. I want to be as skilled as them

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they actually did try harder in xrd to replicate the look of their previous games, just in 3d
strive they went in with a clearly different mindset

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