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Holy fuck, I just discovered a new workflow to make this head in 2-3 minutes.

Holy shit, and it uses vanilla blender without any type of addon.


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do you mean you dropped a sphere in and moved some vertexes symmetrically?

are yu 12?

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No I'm eleven and my mom thinks I'm pretty. Piss of you hater.

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Cris rĂ­ndete pedazo de mierda toma tu siesta diaria

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I, too, like to waste a whole new thread on every minor thing I accomplish. You piece of fucking shit, how many janny cocks have you sucked to avoid getting banned?

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i said my mom thinks im pretty.

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1 hour for this.

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33 minutes using an internet basemesh.

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I'll be honest— Cris, this is pretty good so far. I do think you could stand to use more topo in the chest this early on though

this is shit, never do this again. Where the fuck are you getting this basemesh

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man, I discovered today basemeshes.

like wtf.

I feel so stupid for not using them now.

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Cris is the janny.

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Holy shit, look at this lads.
This is fucking amazing.

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cris' cousin is a janny last i heard so he gets immunity

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