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>havent asked this
Whats the cool, important and attractive 3d, animation or anything similar, design i should put on my portofolio then so to attract enough traction and then eventually potential employers?
Like good edgeflow, clean topo, realistic render/animatin
Etcetc*(everything else), how do i show these aspects through my portofolo and work pieces then? Maybe "alot of traction" i supose as the market/company now prefers as validation

The general guideline, i guess


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depends on the industry. animation? a good animation, obviously. arch vis? an impressive piece showing your interior design and rendering skill. there is no 'one size fits all'.

also, when are you going to actually post some 3d work scribbler?

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Whats these impressive piece, good animation, usually is?
Depends on how revealing you ll be, cris.

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>spoonfeed me what good animation is

this board has gone down the shitter. shut it down already. post some 3d work or fuck off.

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Not that anon but you don't deserve feedback you stupid meme poster. I guess you got gigabytes worth of pepes and wojaks you fucking retard, kill yourself

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Is that an accussation cuz i dont slang like your pepes
Also why share free work when you dont even 600k

Lol its all good talk here but you gotta do some blind forecasting just so i can really upgrade as you say with the list of hardwork you havent yet provided other than 1000% circle

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don't practice any 3d, ignore all advice given, and spam more threads

that is the way to master 3d

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fuck off cris

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You never had advices but gloating how correct you are and runs off when asked more while screaming that i am lazy or something, comes back again in another thread and claims hired. Thats your usual routine so theres nothing to learn nothing to understand.

Just like now.
Always being irritable like a cockroach for no reason ever provided while calling names on me and telling me i am dumb and idiotic no matter all the things i try. Also acting saint like my way is the get rich quick sheme but then relents any details and always use some cheap one liner insults and then thinks it is an advice.


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And you are the rsult. An irritable smartas that couldnt even read but tells everyone to practice things it doent even know himself..
Like the 8 letter word is so holy you discounted just about everything else..that you do not posses either.

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