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aiight im gonna splice her head, legs, clothes, and props onto her KH3 nude model when I wake up wish me luck

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good luck, do share some of the stuff you make

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Never gonna get used due to hat haird

But I do wonder if there is a lad mad enough to make something amazing while also properly animating a good portion of the hair

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REEEEEEEEEEEEEE IM A RETARD REEEEEEEEEE I CANT FOLLOW THE 1 HOUR YOOTOOBE TUTORIAL REEEEEEE im just gonna find someone on smutbase for nude model commissions if i cant find an offer ill continue with this in a day or two

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>blender texture painting

anon, heres how i have done it in the past:

>basic headhack at top between top of neck / jaw
>paint body in substance painter separate, colourmatch head texture best as possible
>export and do some light blurring between the seams in blender (on diffuse map)
>adjust clothes to fit new body mesh

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