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What would be the point of learning Maya if someone has no intentions of becoming a 3DCG professional? Is Blender really that bad, even for hobbyists?

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There is a thread for this kind of retarded question, use it.

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No, Blender is fine.

Crawl back under your rock.

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is maya better for shit like unreal? i mean fbx is literally a proprietary autodesk format

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If you're an animator, use Maya.

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if you are a hobbyist you want to have a good time doing what you like, so blender is useless regardless of your intensions.

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I still prefer Lender to Aya

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Blender is perfectly fine for hobbyists. in fact it might be the best pick for people that have no high ambitions, as most beginner tutorials are for blender (you'll have a much harder time finding beginner stuff for maya).

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>no high ambitions
This is why there is so much shit work being pushed out online. I'm tired of seei g beg shit like this having been beg myself.

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Is there a problem with using a pirated version of Maya?
Like, if blender is bad and all that

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Block it in the firewall after pirating and you're good to go

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>Like, if blender is bad and all that
Stop listening to retards on this board, how many times do we have to say it? Blender is fine, I'm using it professionally as well, just don't be stupid and try to do everything with it, use it for modeling (and rendering if you want to) and leave the rest to zbrush, substance etc.

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maya has an indie version that's $300 if you have any kind of middle class income just buy that

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what do you do professionally that doesn't involve monkey asset maker?

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Ok heres the low-down on using software in this industry: 1. Use the software for what it does well and 2. If 2 pieces of software are comparable in some aspect, use the one that you're more familiar with. (and of course there's 3: Use what you got)

If you wanna sculpt, then use something that's good for sculpting like zbrush
If you wanna texture, then use something that's good for texturing, like substance
If you want to poly model, use blender/maya/3dsmax/c4d (it doesn't matter that much)

While I do love blender and use it professionally, I don't try to texture in it because its texture baking and painting is simply worse than substance, same goes for sculpting and zbrush. What I do use it for is poly-modeling and rendering bc I find blender is way faster at doing that than maya (at least for me)

Whats the point in learning maya? to use it for what it does well, which is several things, most chiefly animation and being industry standard

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You're an asshole.

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I want to do futa porn how do I go about

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make futa
make porn
are you a jokester?

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