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Hey /3/, could somebody help me figure out this apartment's measurements? There's plenty of pics in the link from all sorts of angles. The windows are 6 meters tall, it says on the description. Hope you can help me out!

link: https://www.idealista.com/inmueble/88378287/

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I fucking knew it. I replied to your thread on /wsr/ nerd, show results when you're done, wanna see more archviz projects, preferably shittier than mine so I can feel better about myself

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lol watchu talkin' bout? Not doing any 3D modelling, just trying to get the measurements. Btw, there's more pics in the link above. See you on /wsr/!

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>In what country is this appartment?
>Find door measurements.
>Find washing machine.
>Find measurements.

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