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DreamWorks is going to release their MoonRay render engine as open-source.


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Blender will die obviously.

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it's nothing special. i'm reading through a few articles, it's mostly just a pretty standard renderer. being able to see a 'heatpass' (time per pixel) render is pretty cool, since you can try and optimise your renders

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Probably better than cycles though

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always nice to have more options

> Additional high-performance features include support for distributed rendering, a pixel matching XPU mode that offers improved performance by processing bundles of rays on the GPU as well as the CPU, and bundled path tracing

hopefully speed is competitive esp on gpus

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This is pretty neat!
That's not a high bar to exceed. Cycles is crap when compared to other renderers. People only use it because it's bundled with Blender.

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Shit, I replied to the wrong post. The second one is meant for >>912572

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Sample rate passes have been a thing since forever. And what's with the pooh-poohing, you expect FOSS to innovate? If it did it'd cost money you clueless and entitled freetard.

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