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Now that China is being a bitch and Russia getting bullied by NATO, now everything isgoing back to where they belong. The glorious westland. Blendfags will stay poor and be restricted to europoor and 3rd world countries.

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Bait thread, do not reply.

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I spend around 60 bucks on 2 software licenses and I’m doing this professionally.

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I spend 0 third world dollars a month on software, I have substance painter on steam, and sometimes I subscribe to substance assets to download materials

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the steam version is super old (2016ish?) and extremely limited, no?

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no, I'm using 2022 version

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ahh i see, they added 2022 in the meantime. when substance switched to a subscription-based model several years back they only kept the older version on steam as standalone.

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everything pirated
never paid a dime

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