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Some artist start 600g and regularly does so without a long shitpost and gloating of your hardwork so clearly the internet has a set of values to entertain, thus unless you are horribly limited in vocabularies, please explain this set of values that is dynamically driven by the market and how it forms the value of "good graphics" needed of an image

You know,
Like an actual working, experiencwd pro... if any of you are as you said, "connected to pixars"

As everyone said too...We do qualities. Not quantities of your blabbering.

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fuck off cris

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Already, loser. Keep sucking cock.

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that's not cris. it's time to give him a name, though: i propose "scribbler".
fuck off, scribbler

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fuck off scribbler cris

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Sir, do not redeem.

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can we just shut this board down already. the mods are clearly vacant (the amount of schizo / cris spam).
daily posts that are basically "i'm new, spoonfeed me how to use the blend sirs!".
it's clear that 99% of the userbase are beginner blender users anyway, so complex discussion is impossible.

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>mods are clearly vacant
that's the best part about it: they're not. there was a thread yesterday complaining about scribbler here and mods deleted it. I agree with everything you've said, the board should be shut down.

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No free work for morons like you. Got you good.

Keep crying. I ll leave when i am done.
You cant even count so squiggles are all you deservw

Hmmmm not sure about those.

Haha you and your "complex discussion". Boy. You d have gone far than here if you had any. But instead you just sleep in the parking lot of whatever "big studios" you dream to be in and not getting more than 50 meter away.

Also this isnt complex but i guess you have problem even on scrib level topics...

I should thank mod then. Maybe thank you.

No need to make this any complex. As long as it make sense and uh"within discussion"
But i guess you just wanna throw slurs and make this completely retarded.

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