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A lot of schizo threads but none showing your work, show your latest render, I bet its worse than mine.

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>complains about lots of unnecessary threads
>makes new thread for a beginner render instead of using the catalog and posting it in the WIP thread

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I posted this somewhere else, but I'll post it again just in case. I love it :)

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that's really comfy. the only thing I would change is that the texture of the monitor should not be rendered, but perfectly lit ("unlit") so that it looks like it glows

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Oh my fucking god, I have the exact same poster.

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Why's he playing another livestreamer's game?

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Blender perhaps?

I could give some tips

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>I love it :)
>imagine loving your own work
>imagine saying your own work looks good
I mean, idk if I'm the one who's crazy for not ever being satisfied with anything I make, but not even a bit of self criticism?

I wish I was able to say the same t b h, but by the end of the project I already feel like I could redo everything better again so I either don't share it anywhere or post it feeling like shit because I could have done better.

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Self criticism is important, anon.
Self encouragement is important as well. Being able to enjoy your work while recognizing where there's room for improvement is a sign of getting better

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Eh, only latest render I made was some shitty M4 WIP
>inb4 oh my god yet another m4 model how original
I had this toy M4 as a kid with a rail system I found badass, I'm just resurrecting some fond childhood memories son. I'm pretty sure the M4 in CoD MW2 2009 had a similar rail system

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Did this one a few weeks ago, the model is not Mine, only lighting and compositing

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Denoise the render lil niggy

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Noise looks comfy and makes shit render like these look better.

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