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I couldn't find a Blender General so I might as well post it here.

This is a rigged Blender model with lots of options and custom UI controls to make it user friendly.
The full features list, download link and user guide is available here:

For those who used the previous (v4) model, this one is based on DAZ3D's G8F female which makes it easy to import DAZ outfits (which also work with bodymorphs).

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very nice, love the face. Cant wait to see her sucking dog dick

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Nice presentation!

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that's a man

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all the smutbase models run like shit on my pc

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Might as well be trying to inpregnate it allso.
Who knows..

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Sounds like it's not the models

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turn subdiv off for posing, mongrel
>another daz model head hack
why should anyone care?

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do you have the same but for Tracer?

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>why should anyone care?
The reasons are listed in the OP pic, and the linked website.

That would be a job for tracer-best-girl.
There are some good ones on smutbase (just stay away from the Arho ones, as they suffer from the "same body" syndrome)

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Why should anyone give a fuck?

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