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What are the aspect of a 3d design that adds up to how many people will be buying it, as in the download/view/sales number? Like a 5$ hand model getting maybe 1000 downloads... how do you measure up the value of this model to expect a good amount of traffic etc.

Oh wait i guess you probably only know ctrl+D and how to pan the camera and usually just copy fanarts lousily and presses the sphere icon 1000 times and calls it hardwork that you cant be bothered to think yourself so dont sweat the big numbers too much and let the real designers answer this thread

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Don't do any 3d whatsoever, spam threads endlessly instead while doing nothing so you'll get billions of dollars and views instead.

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I am also aware than if threads are filled only with unreliable, useless smartassery, nothing will be done but endless amount of bouncing ball to gloat your oh so hardworking self help book you copied to sound wise with bare minimum 5000 hours circle "painting".

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