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I downloaded a model from generalbutch's collection and there's something weird going on with the model.
When I open it in blender version 3.2 the body under the clothes doesn't exist but the rig works.
And when I open it in Blender version 2.93 the body is complete but the rig doesn't work.
Anyone know what's going on here?
I don't really know a whole lot about blender.

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>I don't really know a whole lot about blender.
and that's a good thing. uninstall that shit and use proper software

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post here

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The fuck are those proportions? Her pelvis is lodged into her gut

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Collections?! Btw learn the basic first cuz u still not understand how view port display work(it super easy)

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its hidden dumbass
unhide it

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Jesus Christ, is that the body of a fat boy?
Absolutely disgusting, what an insult to the anatomy of women.

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