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>artist can't get a job anywhere
>decides to start their own company instead
What's the correct ruling on this? Would they have officially "made it" as a professional, or is starting their own studio for no reason other than not being hired by anyone technically freelancing? I can't help but notice a lot of popular people on art sites/forums have their own company, or are a high-level executive at a company one of their peers started. I see this more with Blender users than with other DCCs.

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the only relevant question is whether or not you are making real money

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It's better to have "freelancer" than "unemployed" on linkedin. I know many young freelancers who have zero contracts and work part time in retail to pay rent. Coincidentally they are either blendlets or women.

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the trend you describe has probably more to do with genuinely skilled artists getting squeezed out with 20$/h contracts while getting way more on their own (given that they ARE skilled) than it has to do with "not being able" to find a job.

there are people out there that have years of experience and might just as well flip burgers doing nightshift at mcdonalds next to shaniqua and not notice a major difference on their bank account.

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