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A locked sticky by mods is the best thread on this pathetic board

>> No.912388

is that... a colorful equine on the left? gods save me, I'm going insane!

>> No.912390

Nobody cares faggot, the welcome post show up on front page all the time, you just noticed for the first time now, You're not special

>> No.912392

I’ve noticed it before I just chose to make a thread now because it is the time to make a thread
It would have been weird if I’ve did it yesterday, ya know what I mean?

>> No.912393

Ever stop to think that it's maybe people actually reading the sticky for once? If people actually read it, that'd make it show up more than other threads.
Makes ya wonder why you don't see the sticky from other boards show up.
But I guess that's why you get so many request threads on places like /wg/ where they don't even post 3.

>> No.912416

That is literally the best fucking post in this thread and will never be overshadowed by anything, ever. Even tho some of the info is outdated

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