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>no place to spend time but 4chan
>is there a goodwebchat to study 3d
Whats the book/summary on running 3d/graphic biz ness so to always make sales and uh... confidently sail in the market.
Like what makes this stuff 2k in views https://youtu.be/kjLxTQD4fpY
Like What are the variables and how do you add them to sort of guess how your "niche" will fare then?

Guess i just wanna hear more than just "it's good"... or however your provide market and running your cg biz, confidently

Go go

Make wild guesses
Dont forget to add citations so i dont call it BS

Hope this my last thread but uh
Who kno- who cares!

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i recognize your drawing style - no wonder you have AT LEAST 5 (five!) active threads, none of which are intelligible.

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None of you here are anymore intelligible either... otherwise you d be in facebun or some japanese blogging sige...

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>None of you here are anymore intelligible either...
then leave.

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Already. See me bumping my own stuff? wait till this thread done. I recall there are more useful unintelligible opinions here than uh... someone.

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God, I'd almost prefer Cris over this schizo.
Not one fucking post of yours is 3d. This isn't Yahoo Answers, fuck off.

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It's cg tho

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Dont cry like a fag too. You almost read the thing but i guess thats your max IQ

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