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How to come up with good designs for/in your portofolio or to present all its aspects well

This seems both web design and cg i guess.

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super vague questions without any goddamn info on what exactly it is that you want to achieve is so weird and frustrating. like what kind of answer do you expect to get from basically going
>hi nice super complex topic/career that one can spend a lifetime to master you guys have here.
>tell me the hidden mega secret that makes me master it immediately lol yolo haha right?
stop shitting up the board with pointless threads please and instead do what everyone else does: watch a good tutorial and train, train, train.

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>what kind of answer
The kind thats not this but it s not super horrible either at least you are not calling everysingle cheap shot of yours as an advice.
>mega secret
oh wow. I take that back. Like you have communicated this specifically. You should copy whatever murder-clippings you got here since you already knowitall and somehow telepathically communicated eveeything to everyone and everything including your turd.
>good tutorial
All i got here is you having trouble with my specifics so whats there to be considered a "good tutorial". Hularious.
>train train train
Like your bare minimum complaining?

At least i dont play the rmpassionate loser just to skip the hard questions.

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okay, listen. I've been really patient with you, giving you several elaborate replies over multiple threads, but reading this unintelligible word salad has me now convinced that you are genuinely mentally unwell. I'm not going to give you any more replies. please stop shitting up the board.

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Ye yer a patient i can tell.
Like calling your one hour a day as 100% while skipping the hard answer as mega secrets since youknowitall as the geand jury of ngmi? Not sure if there aee any other answer more elaborate than that
>mentally unwell
Tickles me so much but i guess you arent sane enough for minimum wage either... rmb that? You cant even put any better word on that either.
>shittinf board
Yeah like the janny has elected you for cleanest posts ever...also here you are trying to always get the last word but actually just trace a circle and calls it 1000% very patient answer.

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Maybe you shoud uh... paste this elaborate answer of yours. Which i can recall usually saying "its too complicatee and im not doing it since it s bare minimum but look at my 1000% circle"

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Yeah this mentally unwell thing is abit too much but i guess i wasted you in just one-post-more-words so i guess thats a very low bar of mentally healthy yer putting there lol
Also less than "good design in portofolio"...which is kinda generic but i guess yer below that either with your oh so mega publicly referenced knowledge

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find something complicated (e.g a car) and model it.

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