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Other than the usual "do fan art, practice" how do you make sure or improve your cg art towards your wanted 6 digit material? Like noticably how some artists dont tags nor have like hundred friends to begin with and consistently gain big numbers, is the true epitome of "quality over quantity", so what am i to assume of quality, on creating that fine, gooey, crisp brushy toon finish like picrel example here, to entertain whatever the crowd wants without forcinf them to comment or spam them with surveys abt what they want? How do you, or succesful portofolio usually measure up the data and translate them into the necessary, polish and render?

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>Only in it for the attention
You're already not going to make it.

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>>912076 it's part of the expense

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>6 digit material

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Stan lee does it so does everyone else next to him along with youtubers i think its fair to ask unless theres a big billboard metric saying "sorry thebparking is full"
Also 6 digit as in traffic first. Not cash but i guess everything is all luck than hardwork cuz theres no rules good enouh to follow

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stan lee is dead and you type like a retard, which tells me you're not exceptionally gifted, which means you're ngmi.

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All the more reason to depend on you lots and not give any other fucks.

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Also since yer here that makes you another ngmi so your argument is invalid until proven otherwise

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i don't type like a retard and i don't have delusions of grandeur.

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Then why is everyone ngmi to you? Are you the grand judge of ngmi itself

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>why is everything ngmi to you

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not everyone. for instance i didn't respond negatively about anyone in the WIP thread (where you should have posted instead of making your own thread btw, another sign of your ego), because i felt that most of them were solid and/or making progress and having realistic goals.
notice how others aren't full enough of themselves to create their own "6 digit" threads and just humbly and quietly post their progress.

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Well maybe this thread isnt for you and you should go to whatever "humble" you consider. You just wanna see free work and refuses to actually join the conversations except your own "humble" ways. (Another sign of your ego i suppose)
>didnt response nwgatively
Yeah you should do that here too but i guess you are not as humble as them and just join the conversation quietly according to whatever threads you on and decides to be the grand jury of ngmi you so deserve.

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Yea sorry but chill grand jury of ngmi. I wasnt expecting you to have any positive response beyond your science of ngmi either. It only takes like 4 letters to get certifi├žation from it too.

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stop replying to this dude's threads.
it's the walk cycle guy

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this post genuinely comes off as mental illness. I'm out, so don't even bother (you) ing. good luck with your 6 digits, anon.

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Aw come on. You dont need to drag everyone else with you.

Not that they are as petty as you either...

Good luck with your grand trial of ngmi. Also mentally ill tend to identify anyone as their own so i am thankful for the membership but no thanksss

Maybe try be like other thread and actually be technically helpful since yer so humble and whatnot

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Also pardon if i come off as some WIP anon but i am talking about running a 3d biz and whatnot so excuse me for trying to make this as short as possiblefor you all but clearly you like hearing your own words alot more so give it a chance and show off abit more, mr grand jury.

But i guess you dont got 600k either.

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theres no secret about it you just have to do good work consistently and keep putting it out, the growth is a hockey stick, early on there will be almost nothing and then youll start getting some shares from big accounts or youll have some piece thatll get 20x the attention of anything else you ever did, you just gotta stick with it bro. practice isnt a meme

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Yea i already addressed this in topic like i want more details on this since unlike some people my first 100 hour isnt as good as their first 100 hour and some dont even study i guess it s talent and ngmi but since you say "practice and hardwork" then i guess there are protocols and theories to follow than just "draw the damn owl"

Like, you need to be consistent in this and not just echo my questions like actually talk me on the tutorials so i actually have something to practice than just 1000% circle.

Also some artist gets 20x on the first hour which is literal idea of good job to evweyone including you so you also need to get on that detail and not just squander my thread like this.

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Nvm i m so done with this i just need you to link something thats not "draw the fucking owl" or i guess you just know nothing and so is your hardwork since books and details are memes and so does whatever advice you givw free since you just need to draw 1000% circle and ctrlc ctrl v all the way

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Do native English speakers have trouble following the conversation in this thread? I powered through and got a migraine but I am ESL.

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I gave up on this board myself i thought cg means graphic and graphic has lines forms light so on so forth but i guess writing anything related

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Is too much of a secret so i guess thats the code and the entire 4chan and the field is as broke

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Not sure what secret you mean but i guess you cant describe whatever is "good work" you mean so i dont know what to practice specifically other than the usual "do fan art, reap profit" but i guess yer just naturally gifted and no need to put words to do the right stuff so maybe this thread aint for you either.

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dont worry so much about people being better than each other in their first 100 hours or whatever. that's a drop in the bucket. you need to be accumulating thousands of hours doing this stuff. that means making art, not posting. when you've done this for 5,000 hours you'll be able to do stuff in 1 hour and get all the positive feedback you want from it. but there isn't a shortcut to that. early on, stuff is going to take you a long time, and it isn't going to turn out good. as you rack up the experience you'll eventually get to where you can consistently make stuff as good as you imagine it in your head. most people just quit before they get there.

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I have hard time believing you because the internet has put numbers on things so we do things by the numbers and so does the rest of the world thus im just trying to make this as sensible but you seem to find it otherwise. Your "advice" and the rest has been noble though rather cheap and short compared to what i am expecting but a 600k sales must have 600k worth material so this is either a simple calculation if there is 600k in the canvas or not, or just a big list of todos from 0 to 600k. Thats all.

Or maybe just an assessment tool so i can self assess my stuff, for your convenience, which is basically a one hour stack of ellipses which i wonder whats missing that it s not 600k so to save the long winding montage of rocky, this question could just summarizes just the final 45 to 15 percent of the fine circle i do not know, which is also the summary of my experience that has come to a halt and does not seem to get any clearer dwspite the repeating ellipses i do.

I hope this makes sense but i m phoneposting outside and as you clarified i m trying my best to not sound like shortcutty but this is just it and i am being utterly confident about taking the final exam prep despite not belting enough kungfu trophy.

Or would you rather describe the other 599,999 thats missing from this single picrel? You d need be more elaborate than "it s not enough" for starter

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>compared to the questionS at hand

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Sir i think i m good and no 5000 hours of ellipses can replace some good anatomical understanding or maybe just market analysis. I understand your concern but i do make things in an hour and so im just looking to polish that with a number in my head and not copypasting other things which is, not always illegal unless charged i suppose, but perhaps too advanced and abit finnicky legally for my taste and thus since practice do make perfect i guess i was expecting a much more definite protocol given the variety of subject in art itself and sure maybe 600k is abit of a number so perhaps a much more general calculation with variables in mind could satisfy this thread in less of a "shortcutty" way but then again the topic itself is surface level on top of the 5000 hours each of us has to do... otherwise i d like to just be able to confidently get in thw market to sell as much and it seems one has to do 600k canvas to earn 600k content so this cpuld just be as easy as adding things by the hour, by costs

But again im just dpublechecking to be sure as i have some ideas myself but not really a similar enough of a referenc and it shouldnt be as complicated nor is it a mystery since the industry is running quite abit on its own despite the market being rather dynamic, imo, but you could also argue this so i can get a nicer outlook on this.

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>my first 100 hour isnt as good as their first 100 hour and some dont even study
It is because you're unfocused, do the bare minimum (like ball bouncing exercises), and spam threads. You claim to be an animator but you also want to be a famous social media person, VFX artist, concept artist, person who works at studio, etc while posting scribbles. You can't half ass all of those and expect to be good.

Other people are focused, progressively challenging themselves and experimenting, and they don't spam threads. Once they get good with one skill, it is easy for them to learn the rest because they taught themselves how to learn.

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>Takes your job

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The ball bouncing is figurative you, because all you can say is practice but when asked what it details, you just went on a rant about mega secrets...which i assume is your mental illness acting up.

Now i just realize you just use general big words to short things too... which is basically your bouncing ball knowledge.

Boy is his job what me being myself?

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Bet you cant even define whats this challenfinf themselves and experimentinf as you just guess about and copying foreword from some self help book. Might as well just say you dont know than beinf smartass wastinf my time dealing with your schizophrenia which makes you unable to read anyone or anything but yourself.

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Maybe dont do bare minimum bitch talking of yours in quantity to start with.

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