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Not exactly 3d but also,
Any tips for good concept artist portofolio also 3d stuff like animation, fx, renders

Like how do you show good edge flow, topo, good animations? Stuff like that?
Like how do you display, layout your portofolio?

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You want to try out multiple disciplines that are drastically different from each other? It is possible to learn multiple skillsets, but you're not going to put your 100% into them if you are new. There's a lot of work that you have to do for each one.

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True. I am bit on a pinch. Which one has most demands and how do i click it right then?

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I could give you an answer, you won't do anything besides doing the bare minimum and posting threads about it. Stick your strengths or what you're working on and put 100% of effort into it. You think that you might be able to handle it, but you're just going to half ass learning each skill and feel justified in doing so.

You can learn anything by going through the cycle of:
1. copying
2. modifying
3. creating

You can learn any skill if you put one hour into it daily, and no, posting threads and doing the bare minimum doesn't count.

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How am i supposed to even stick to bare minimum when you dont even define what is it?
>Stick to my strength
Like bare minimum? Bouncing ball?
>feel justified
You do feel justified with these little amount of text i am asking you about, dont you?
I think you are abit too lazy by shortcutting all the pixar worth details you promised me with only 3 word variation and not even the book as i ask.
>one hour daily
>not bare minimun
Thats really small amount of hour compared to the time you take to reply this.

In short. You are a lazy illiterate dumbfuck who will do a horse walk by tracing over a bouncing ball, modifying it for an hour and calls it a creation and feels justified despite being told to follow a book.

Please fucking grow up, loser.

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>give me an answer
No you cant. You only have an hour. Maybe just post copy the text you read than being such a lazy incumbent prick who s too lazy to copy anything technical than your favorite motivational foreword as your bare minimum.

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>Any skill
>an hour
I think you are shortcutting this abit too much. Please maybe rephrase yourself or maybe expand your 3 word variarion into sonething with more weight to the situation i am having but i guess you only learn anything for an hour which is shorter than the time you take to read my thread so maybe try again in less of a "you wont get it anyway" kind of manner but i guess you do feel justified with just an hour of a talent you never had since child and thats your bare maximum of interest.

Hell since you ve learned the skill i suppose you should be able to put in words but maybe one hour isnt enough for you to develop both literacy and skill isnt it

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Also your 100% effort seems to be all words and not even a visual despite 3d cg so maybe yer abit on your bare minimum yourself here so perhaps practice what you preach and actually do something worthwhile to illustrate your point but i guess you only have an hour for 4 things at hand here and thats how you justified you wasting everyone s time with all these motivational foreword you dont even live by by putting the bare minimum of "i work hard geys so i deserve to be jedi master"

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Also without an answer i suppose my 100% effort is just this body of text of yours but i guess it s your 100% too to be so prejudiced at anyone else and disillusioned by your own correctness that some three word summary is ennough to show anyone this 100% effort of yours. Maybe try googling books and trying it out yourself and show me if it is reliable but i guess you already have your 10th oscars and the computer screen is just too far from your bbq pit and swimming pool.

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Yea your bare maximum for thread about several different practices is 3 word summary to deal with everything. Even
>>912059 had more courtesy to address that than just 100%ing it to one hour daily. Lol.

Your vocabulary never cease to amaze me.

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an hour *A DAY*, not just one single hour. jfc dude

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Yeah even the time you spend here is more than that. Why am i even trying; i just let you win just so you dont get too pissed.
Yer the guy who will trace a ball and call it 100% and everyone else will be your bare minimum.

Please dont post again since yer high up there with your one hour *a day*.

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To Add to this miserable miscommunication or whatever 100% you call it:

i dont just use compass to draw a circle and call it a day as 100% so maybe put all your dimes in your words and lets see how much is this 100%, one hour a day "answer" of yours on how to duplicate spheres on paint3d.

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No wait lemme rephrase this. I may only care about the last 5 minutes on how to do an image, but i certainly dont think i will get anything good or even close to satisfying done in just an hour a day and calls it 200% of efffort after all the timw i work and post here for hard answers you seem to keep evading.

But i guess you using a compass to draw a circle for an hour is 500% so i guess we re just on a different page m8. Stick to your strength, right? And avoid all the Easy""" questions while doing the bare maximum"""" that is downloading a T pose for an hour.

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Chill just messin with ya. Your one hour is up. See ya

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