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Not exactly 3d i guess but what s a good 5$ sell in the market? Modelling, animation whatever... where do i go for reference

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This is what you look like.

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Ah its joji
No why is that.

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Ya what do ya mean abt this

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Look at the unity asset store and see what models people sell ala cart.
The real money is in model packs. Though imo I think of someone had a large selection of quality props at very low prices theyd do the best. Casual buyers won't drop 5 bucks on a crowbar model or 75 on a .form pack just for the crowbar. But they might buy one for 85 cents. A lot of them might buy one for 85 cents. That's a small enough amount to buy on a whim or if you're not sure you really want to use it.

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I see, thank you.

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