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Whats the big summary of "do it like pixar" that i can take and assure me of employment.

I imagine i d be following it closely than using my own instinct to spot any microscopic motions,follow thru, squash stretching like picrel or whatever floaty,limp, jitters that irks me and just do things by the book and still might just still get rejected.

Or maybe just a systematic summary to just mechanically reproduce desired realism as closely as possible to the final products and then polishes after

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If you want to do better animation, just practice it. We could you advice like we did the last time, but you won't understand what we mean because of your inexperience.

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>>911950 nah just link me books you consider closest to your idea of do it like pixar... the words will dampen my inexperience i suppose. Asking you to type a whole bunches doesnt sound right either since it is tiresome.

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Or linking me blueprints maybe... that could also be more compact to read.

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Don't bother trying if you're fearful of failing and researching. Just do it nigga

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Yeah well i m researching here since someone has access to pixar's campus. Thought i d ask, tho membership or success not guaranteed.

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>*someone here said

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Knowing extra theory won't matter if you don't practice animation. The mastery comes from decades of doing animations and receiving critique for them.

Stop thinking about what will happen in the future and start thinking about what you can do in the present.

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Wel i do practice bouncing ball here and there...but it just dont work the same with horsey or bigger things. I mean, you mean the books all useless and i ll just be taking crits only? What if you hate the whole thing completely? We might just be in a different ballpark, already.

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Practice makes you understand the theory easily. With practice, you're constantly checking to see if following it properly or not.

practice with a rig:

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Sure i practice stuff once i got the right one. But if it's not complete i ll be filling blanks on my own and just like asking crits i just ask for an entire book instead here.
Well i dont even have any theory on jittering, limps, floatyness, modular acting/walking cycle except from tracing muybridge. I mean i probably do but i wanna know from the guy who said got parking space in pixar and such and compare results, things like that. I usually prefer a legit math but on xyz position, thinking that d be more direct and technical for /3/dcg but, anything goes i guess.

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As in i dont even know which theories to follow other than12 rules of animation which dont speak for everything so otherwise it s all luck and connections isnt it

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>it's a esl wants some magic easy way instead of doing the hard work thread
fuck off cris kin

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Maybe yer just too lazy for anything else but shitposting karen

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>a book as magic easy way
>cant even iterate amything
Please dont sound any more retarded than you already are jim

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