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Hope i dont need to post thread more than once here but basically just want /3/s opinion on good animation, 3d design/fx portofolio, like maybe something that people value/may attract some 6 digit traffic to it

Like to define qualities based on target demographics and expected market, whats the minimum of "very good"

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It's pretty easy to get an idea of what "hire-able" 3DCG work looks like. Search online for any big studio and find portfolios of the artists who do what you want to do (e.g. texturing, hard surface modeling, lighting, etc). This is your benchmark. If you feel like you can reproduce the work you see, chances are you're skilled enough to get a high-paying job.

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Except for youtube i dont really know all the examples so i am looking for a more generalized description... but i guess i get it. Otherwise, if asked to create something original AND good, how would you define "good" then?

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Bump pls

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Your thread will be here for the next month to 2 months. There's absolutely no reason to bump it.
Even if it gets close to page 10 and being deleted, some retard will come in from the shadows to bump it with useless information, repeat info, shitting on software, or to call you a retard. Probably all of the above.
Also a questions thread exists. Pay more attention next time.

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>next two months
With the intensity of new threads? I doubt it
>question thread
Not related

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Rude! Ngmi

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No u

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>animation, 3d design/fx portofolio
these are three different disciplines

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Yeah, /3/ different things.

Also how do i sort of manually maximize walking cycle, averaging every pose and intepolations to avoid unwanted limps, jitters, floaty/unrealistic weight between all the limbs and varie them with speed to create assortments of cycles?

My own manual works arent perfect and always has these microscopic troubles i thought i could use some tried tested ways of to perfect them in uniforms...

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Sorry i mean sure please average these all maybe.

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As in recommend me something you know

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have you tried filming yourself walking off a cliff and using that as reference?

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Have you tried that yourself? Please show me your result.

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i work at pixar and it's standard practice here.
all new animators need to do it in their first week.
i animated a lot of joe scenes in soul so you can see my work there.
good luck!

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Sorry but i was referring more of procedural methods and systematic generations. Pardon if i am at any point suggesting actings or any sort of that

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ArtStation, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are goldmines for finding portfolios. To answer your question, there's two types of "good"-- objectively good and subjectively good. The former respects the fundamentals of 3D (high-quality topology on models, for example), the latter is in the eye of whatever studio you'd be applying to for a job. A studio who needs a hard surface modeler won't hire an artist who specializes in organic modeling, even if that artist is objectively good.

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... whats "objecticely good" for some 6 digit traffic then? Without considering anyones subjective perception, i guess.. can you objectively appeal to the crowd somehow?

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You'd have to be ridiculously skilled with 3D fundamentals to be objectively good enough for a six-figure salary.
This website shows what "objectively good" means in a well-paying job. If you can match Pixar, you would have no problem finding work anywhere. Just make sure your portfolio is in line with what the studio you're applying to wants.

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Could almost accept this but i m trying to put a number on my work so to be more clearer and general.... like how do iassume whats a 5 dollar work that ll sell for maybe hundreds?

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Also maybe "just like pixar" should be like what exactly? Could you share portofolios?

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Figure it out for yourself, sorry.
I don't have anyone's portfolio on speed dial, but it shouldn't be that hard to find people on LinkedIn. Searching for the studio's name (e.g., Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony) would be your best lead to find individual employees, and within their profiles should be a link to their portfolio. If you don't have a LinkedIn account already, get one. The site is pretty restrictive without it.

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Hmmm ok
Any examples?

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