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give some general advice(but a bit more specific) to people who just started learning 3dcg.
i asked few big artist that have worked as concept designer on br 2049, foundation apple show,some marvel shit and video games. theyre millionaire
they basically said
>do it everyday
>even for 1 hour
>even if its small stuff
>dont let anyone tell you cant make it
this is so general,can be apply to anything. im not complaining btw. what are some general advice for 3d cg shit. something to avoid, and what should be focus on more
sorry for cancer writing. Im 18

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5. Don't use blender. Your career will be over

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with the exception of creative coding, /3/ is maybe the most technical art genre. there's a lot of unsexy "boring" stuff to manage.
you'll feel overwhelmed when you start because it'll feel like you need learn a million things. it's actually worse.
try and learn a little bit of every discipline in your first two years
blender youtube is full of beginner trap tutorials.
tutorials that show you how to "x in 5 minutes" are usually teaching you bad habits.
you'll want to learn houdini - don't even try till you're a year or two in.
concept artists cheat at everything.
concept artists will be replaced by ai before the rest of us.

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#1 thing you need to do before starting 3D: learn how to draw

There is not a single person out there who made it and doesn't know how to draw. There's not a single person out there who doesn't know how to draw and made it.

This is the eternal struggle this whole board has: everyone wants to 3D but nobody wants to learn to draw. Not knowing how to draw = no ability to self correct. You will be stuck in an endless loop of "why isn't my 3D stuff improving? I guess I need to do more 3D stuff!". The only way to get out of it is to learn how to draw.

And don't imagine you need to be become some great illustrator like Kim Jung Gi. Just reach the level of being able to draw something that coomers can coom to it. If you're not at that stage then all that advice you posted is a waste of time.

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Chud, you don't need to learn drawing to make it.

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the best advice you can possibly get here:
get your advice from somewhere else, virtually everyone here is a blender beginner, and they all deal out bad advice with extreme confidence. pic unrelated.

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Absolutely untrue about how everybody who made it can draw, but being able draw is definitely very helpful.

Stop giving that other guy credibility by posting like an absolute retard

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>#1 thing you need to do before starting 3D: learn how to draw
I've been doing 3d for a decade and regularly get paid gigs. I cant even shade a sphere in 2d.

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Who's now the idiot, Chud?

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>Absolutely untrue about how everybody who made it can draw

>I've been doing 3d for a decade and regularly get paid gigs.

The absolute irony.

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DO girls browse /3/?

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I Wanna get a 3d modelling girlfrien from here

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Okay, so my list would be containing things I rarely see in any other lists:
1. Be autistic in some degree. Look at things around you and try to understand why it looks the way it does. Try to disassemble them (literally and in mind), see documentaries about how things made. You'll train your mind to look at reference picture and have a full picture and see best approaches.
2. Study gradually. Don't pick some uber complicated shit and spend weeks with shitty result. Pick some basic stuff, a cog, pencil, bucket. When you feel confident try some more detailed stuff, but do it gradually. This way you won't waste time as you would make a thing after a thing.
3. Done is done. Don't revisit your stuff as you are at risk of never completing it. You did a shitty bucket? Start a new one. You'd unintentionally try different approach and you'd remember it.
4. Read documentation for your software, you'd be amazed. Seriously.
5. Don't force yourself. This is the worst thing you can do. You need to have fun doing 3dcg otherwise it'll suck and you'd lose motivation.

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Kek you would improve faster if you had a coomer brain by making anime girls. You learn to model inaminate objects and clothing, UV retopo texture all in one go. Proper proportions and anatomy are learned after a few attempts at making anime girls.

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I would say to get a lot of differing perspectives. Learning can be difficult and painful if you only listen to one retard, and your progress may be slow and ineffective if you only listen to one other retard. Learning how to draw would be a good goal if you plan on being an industry professional, but it doesn't need to be done right away if not desired. Even for hobbyists and side-hustlers, at least learning a few principles of drawing will help out a ton even if no drawing is actually done. When I started, I think I spent about a year guessing and stumbling around in the dark while trying to learn, but eventually I decided to look into some basic art fundamentals and improved rapidly.

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>#1 thing you need to do before starting 3D: learn how to draw


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#1 advice......buy all of your tools or sub to them legit. You will never get anywhere with pirated tools.

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Five dollars have been deposited in your bank account. Thank you for supporting Autodesk, and have a nice day!

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Or better yet Chudcel, use Blender.

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not OP
could explay a bit what bad habits one might find in such videos and give some examples.
as a blender beggier myself, each day short yt stuff is my main cours.
Are you reffering to topology or way of thinking in general?
pic unrelated

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You'll never get anywhere if you're afraid of piracy lol

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nobody ever made anything good with pirated or stolen tools. Look at any industry.

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That guy agrees with me you retarded nigger

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>nobody ever made anything good with pirated or stolen tools
shitloads of paid tutorials by people working in the industry I noticed when they were showing their browser, you could spot a cgpeers bookmark, or qbittorent on desktop like a full retards. Happens quite often, or people recording videos cutting upper portion of program toolbar, because you could see its "registered" to the same name of a person who made the crack, rotflmao

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You are supremely retarded.

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learn blender for the fundamentals (topology etc) then move to a professional program like maya or houdini. basically just learn to become a good generalist with blender then once you decide to specialize (organic modeling, hardsurface, materials/textures etc), move to whatever professional software fits your needs. blender will not get you a good job, at most you'll have a generalist role at some hole in the wall studio that won't exist anymore 10 years from now

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If you want into sculpting just start with zbrush
>but blender/maya/...
No. They may come later but start with zbrush.

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nope. The facts are you cant get anywhere with stolen tools besides making yourself look like a fool. Get. A. Job.

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how long until capcom, square enix et. al start suing the shit out of 3d porn-lets from using their assets and character likeness? I'm sure companies that big have all their ip protected behind 4-5+ (((lawyers.)))

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Reported for racism outside of /b/, Chud. Seriously, where is this board infested with radical right wing nazi chuds? Are you from /pol/?

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This is what you look like.

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other big artist says blender skill is quite universal. should i just start with it. why does half of /3/ recommend starting with 3ds max

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>blender skill is quite universal
Blender does everything other pieces of software do except worse. it's a perfect way to learn about the basics of 3dcg ("what is UV-mapping about" etc.) and it will absolutely hold you back if you don't transition to better software when you start making progress.
basically you'll want to use blender to learn the complete basic workflow of asset creation, make a few tolerable pieces to make sure you really understand it and then immediately switch over to various software for each independent task.

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blender is an open book. If you dont like something about it, change it and monetize it if you want by releasing on the blendermarket. People regularly make hundreds of thousands on there. You can do the same thing with maya but the barrier to entry is prohibitive. I'll say this again - if you cant make your own tools and extend the base functionality with (plugins and or forks) you have no place calling yourself good at either blender or maya

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cope blendlet
YWNBA real artist

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I am a "real artist" and you sound like like a underage bot

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>I am a "real artist" and you sound like like a underage bot

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unless you come up with a tool that increases viewport performance in edit mode by a factor of 20x to 100, blender will remain unusable. even then i wouldn't use it, as 3ds max would still be superior.

also you randomly assumed that "making it" for me solely means squeezing out money from beginners/other modelers when actually the only thing that counts for me is creating the highest quality assets possible - a feat that can not be done in blender.
the "base functionality" of blender is literally the worst on the market - most unstable with massively worse performance than the next competitor. the only reasons to use blender EVER:
(1) free
(2) you're able to learn a complete workflow quickly as you don't have to switch programs
(3) because you're afraid of switching to a more demanding software with next to no tutorials and handholding

the last point especially is why you're defending it and you know it.

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Start with whatever you like. It's not that big a difference - they're all going to be difficult for you as a beginner, although some will look a lot more complicated than others.

All of the skills are universal, just start doing something. that's the most important thing. Are you doing 3d now, or are you being worried about what to start with? If you're worried, Blender is free, you're not going to gimp yourself, and you're going to learn the specialist software later, anyway.

>viewport performance
Not him, but a beginner won't come close to making blender lag.

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>Not him, but a beginner won't come close to making blender lag.
sculpt something, accidentally press edit mode, done. happens to every beginner and professional software doesn't lag at all when you do this.

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Yeah they do.

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they don't, blendertard.

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>goes from "a beginner won't come close to making blender lag" to "b-b-but all those other programs I've never even tried lag t-too"

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>accidentally press edit mode
We're talking about normal use, not retards doing things before learning not to - although that is one of the core skills you'll need to get a job.

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last blunder version i used heavily was 2.78 and that absolutely was a thing. but hey, keep defending garbage when you could just try and improve. good luck with that.

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Start with the Greeks.

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>Complains about the horrible performance of Blender.
>Immidietly installs a pirated Maya packed with a Bitcoin miner.
Totally ready for that professional studio pipeline. Ngmi poorfags.

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