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>be me
>want to learn blender/3d modeling to make cool semi-animated scenes

what do

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I like frogs, but don't post them here, or you'll be mistaken for cris, the resident schizo and rape-game developer. Just start by following some introductory blender modelling tutorials on YouTube. You'll also want to look at the topic of "topology." It's not massively important for starting out, but the sooner you're aware of it, the better. Also, for animation, wait until you have some proficiency at modelling. While you're learning to model, study and try to understand the Twelve Principles of Animation, and apply them to super basic animations, like a classic bouncing ball, or a stick-figure walk cycle, preferably in 2D so you can iterate and attempt faster.

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Perhaps you could...learn blender/3d modeling?

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Start by not being a frogposting nigger

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