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>have day job
>want to make short films
>Too impatient to git gud at character modeling
>wrangling actors sounds like a PITA
>Plan: buy or commission assets (environments, props, rigged characters) and only make the animations
Any downsides to this?
How expensive would this get?
Recommended resources/software?

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This thread and your talking points make it clear that you lack the discipline to even pull through with this ghettorigged lazy path.

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Downside is that you need to have a sense of art direction that your various commissioned artists are all going to have different takes on, so nothing will go together well. Also it'll be prohibitively expensive. Also, you need more discipline to make a finished product of anything.

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make a storyboard. turn it into webcomic. make 3 chapters and create a kickstarter or even easier, write teen novels.

buy a camera, make high quality shorts on yt with only 1 or 2 friends or cheap craigslist ads.

the thing about art is everyone who made it hustled and scraped by for years. look at joel havier, took him 8 years to break through. but you gotta develop both your skills as an artist and ass a brand/ content creator. you can go the guerrilla way or you can start as an intern with a basic short course in editing or modelling. as >>904770
said, find a way but breaking through requires a plan and creative solution to limited resources. no shortcuts unless you can pitch to a rich friend and get them excited about your project and confident in your abilities to execute and sell the finished product for a good ROI.

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if you dont have skills, youre saying you have a job? well artists wanna make art, but artists need jobs just as much as businesses need artists. so help a newbie artist create his company, be an equal partner as the CEO or majority partner if you can bring in funding, grow big enough to hire people and eventually get your own projects made. that's my strategy as someone with no skills or realistic paths to acquire them. in less than 10 years i will have a project management experience and some money saved up, enough to convince any 20 year old dreamer to start a studio together.

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