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I seriously think blender has a bigger developer team than maya.

feel free to prove me wrong.

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blenders lead "associate" aka pablo did fuck all, left it in a worse state than when he began and is now making a paid ipad app. And thats literally the best dev they have.

If you want to find good devs you look at the maya / slowdini staff

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$3600 and less tutorial or support content. Seems like a gamble. I can buy a new PC and a huge monitor to use blender on.

>> No.904698

half the shit in blender is third party you idiot.

>> No.904830

>Buying Maya
Or you could just..you know...

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Blender has an entire community of coders around the world.

>> No.904944

it's literally interns doing alll the dirty work like pablo did.

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