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is there any difference between bender and zbrush sculpting if you're a noob?

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Yeah, because Zbrush still has more useful tools and many specialized brushes that will make sculpting easier and you'll end up with better looking results.

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I would say that 80-90% of sculpting fundamentals are art fundamentals.

Zbrush will give you more advanced tools and better performance, but wont magically make you a better sculptor.

I would say that if you're a noob, blender is fine, but eventually you may find when you're better you need that extra polish zbrush have.

But for a noob, the tool is actually not that relevant.

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This is the main thing, but it's worth considering that if you're sculpting smooth anime waifus, you won't need any of this sit.

There's a reason sculpts showing off Zbrush's capabilities are always scaly demons with detailed surfaces.

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Yes, you need a PhD to navigate Zbrush.

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