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Do movie studios usually throw away their assets once their done? Or do they archive them in case they can be reused or somehow historically displayed?

I don’t know if anyone cares, but to think that somewhere out there, in some employees old hard drive or disc, is a model of Monsters Inc’s factory, or the model of the ant hill from bug’s life is a little strange and harrowing, that those digital worlds are still there and can be revisited

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I think it's pretty retarded to believe that the original models are on one of Disney's ten trillion TB cloud drives and/or the personal hard drives of the artists that worked with them from home and so on.

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3D art restoration is a thing


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back when that shit was making the rounds through chain mails and websites it seemed like the blandest possible normalfag humor while they were going crazy about it. not even feeling nostalgia for that one.

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They reuse their assets. If you watch carefully, you can notice stuff from older movies being included in new ones. The most famous one is the ball, but there's more. It seems plausible that they delete assets they know they'll never use, but then on the other hand storage is really cheap, so they might aswell keep it stored.

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A couple of the artists who worked on Toy Story are active on Quora and stayed that they did have the original movie files but could not render them for the remaster due to changes in software since the time of the movies.

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I always thought they just copy and paste the texture. These assets all look too easy to model and make with modern graphics rather than translate it and update it

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well that's more of a reference than efficiently reusing materials or something.

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