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How do you deal with the realization that making it isn't about skill, but the willingness to work like a slave for GED pay?

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It's about both, which is even more depressing. You have to kill your health and grind like mad to even get a chance to be a production slave. All for being able to brag to people (nobody cares) how you worked on some blockbuster movie or AAA bibeo gaem. Because what else would be the reason for one to want to work in this industry? You have 0 artistic control and can't decide on what projects to work on, so if you just want to make art, it's better to do it as a hobby.

But I get it if one realizes it is the best chance they have to get a job with this skillset. That's kinda me atm. I have to say I'm not really enjoying my grind on a portfolio right now. I don't even wanna do this professionally, but I'm stuck.

My approach to personal projects has now changed as well, because I'm putting 500% extra attention to technical efficiency and details while ignoring the bigger picture, so I keep reducing the scope of the project. A short movie idea I originally had will probably end up being a small static diorama, with unnecessarily hyper detailed assets, but which showcases production monkey skills better. And it will leave me empty and unfulfilled at the end.

I invested so much time into this hobby, while ignoring everything else, because I wanted to create my own short films and small games, and now because of that I'll have to end up working on somebody else's ideas and get pennies in return.

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>GED pay
Am I out of loop or is it OP?

>You have to kill your health
How does non-physical work kill your health?

>inb4 by lack of exercise
How is it worse than not working?

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>how does non physical work kill your health?
stress/over working your brain. ever heard of cortisol? worse than smoking.
how does physical work kill your health anyways? as long as you have proper form and don't push yourself nothing can go wrong.

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>study in STEM, 100k easy.
>slave away for a few years. Learn 3D in spare time.
>Live in parent's basement, free food, no rent, shit car, don't go out.
>Save every $ diversify portfolio.
>Tell your boss fuck you, I'm going to be a 3d monkey.
>3d skills good enough to apply for slave 3d monkey job.
>Shit pay but happy. Can retire earlier than your art director.
>Do 3d until you die.

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>How does non-physical work kill your health?
Just spending a lot of time sitting seems to be bad for your health.

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>How do you deal with the realization that making it isn't about skill, but the willingness to work like a slave for GED pay?
I don't, because I do 3d as a hobby.

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>physical work
>as long as you have proper form and don't push yourself
Choose one. (Unless it's not for money.)

Remunerated labour is inherently competitive and therefore exploitative.

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White collar is way worse than blue collar in terms of work environment. People convince themselves that desk/tech jobs are easier because they don't involve labor, but in reality there's a hyperavailability for non-physical work (especially because of women in the workforce) and it's extremely easy to convert everyone's labor into statistics so your jewish boss can squeeze every theoretical shekel out of out. Blue collar on the other hand is mostly done by physically capable, less-educated men meaning less intellectual competition/oversight and less workforce competition in general, less likelihood that HR women are going to toss out your application in favor of preferentially hiring more women, and less likelihood you get stuck carrying the weight for nepotism hires. Oh, and the pay for blue collar is absolutely ridiculous, easy 6 figures with no diploma if you're experienced and do government jobs.

White collar work is just being a slave to corporate propaganda, just like all those idiots who ran out and got medical billing certifications by the hundreds of thousands because the mass media told them to, or when they did the same thing for truckers a couple years ago. Perhaps not for the same reasons, but you're in a market that people are artificially funneled into to keep the labor cheap. Oh, and you'll have the health of a 60 year old in your 40s because of the completely sedentary lifestyle and raping your eyes with a monitor.

There's no opportunity for intellectuals in white collar, corporate made sure of that. If you're triple digit IQ pick up a trade and get a contractor's license after 5 years, the money is ridiculous yet most tradespeople are literally too stupid to do it.

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>How does non-physical work kill your health?

Sitting on your ass all day gives you blood clots, muscle atrophy and ass cancer.

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True. Can't feel my ass anymore.

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It's a good post. But why the honey-eyed girl avatar? Do you identify as a honey-eyed girl?

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>I wanted to create my own short films and small games
Then why aren't you doing that?

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if he was creating small games, he wouldnt have the pleasure of posting about it on this board since we dont tolerate /agdg/ shit

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Honestly, mainly because I'm a bitch. I have all the neet time right now to do it, but I don't want to take that risk. I've been through multiple small game projects with other people and even went through a crowdfunding, I also worried about posting on social media regularly, get feedback from game testers etc. to know how much of a pain in the ass the complete process is. It's really hard out there and only rare ones succeed. Maybe I would do it on the side if I had a steady income source, but those child's dreams of developing games for a living are far gone.

Another thing is that when I seriously started learning gamedev and creating prototypes, I realized I only create pretentious Chris Crawford / Jason Rohrer tier games and try to experiment with mechanics that push the medium. Nobody cares about that either since it isn't exactly fun, but I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. If I wanted to make money with it, I would need to do market research, come up with engaging mechanics and fit the game to the consumers, and at that point it wouldn't be worth doing it for me anymore.

Now I'm at least trying to tell small stories through 3D environments I'm creating, but it is still challenging especially when I can't make any shortcuts I would have done otherwise, because it is going into my portfolio as well. And there's no money in short films at all. Maybe it could help me with a bit of an exposure if I pull it off and that's it.

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