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I really need help with exporting an Alembic (I think), from Marvellous Designer into Blender. I've made a top, looks great, I'm happy, simple. The animation looks good, 24 fps across the board. Ok. Then I bring this Alembic (Ogawa) into Blender and match it up the same size as my FBX character. (The reason I'm using FBX is because I want the character to have skin and I can't seem to add textures to the Alembic.) So anyway, I do this and I play the animation, in Blender and the bloody Alembic Top I've made is sped up ever so slightly compared to the FBX character, and I tried moving the timescale along, cos I thought, hey it might be out a step a bit, but it's definitely sped up for some reason. I've tried everything, can't figure it out. So yeah...Please help, I'm so close to being done. So so close. I'm going to sleep now, but will save the link and look tmr, brain is fried.

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Please reply, I've not really gone to sleep yet, I need to get this done, so I can get some work.

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I would go to sleep. Nobody here probably knows.

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Could it be that MD is actually exporting at 30 fps, or other common frame rate? I haven't personally used MD with Blender, but there are a few mentions of that kind of issue on MD forums.

Also, yes, Alembic doesn't carry material information. It's intended to be used on top, so to speak, of objects that do carry that sort of info.

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Go see travis david's videos he has some md to blender stuff

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Thankyou friends, this is appreciated greatly for your time :)

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