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Previous thread hit the bump limit. This is a blender general thread for all your questions/posts/anything else to do with Blender. Mainly to prevent individual questions posts from making the board shit.

Read the official board FAQ before posting so that this thread doesn't die faster than it should: >>561987

Previous thread: >>803771

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Good, everything Blunder related should be confined to this containment thread.

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Please help. When rotating in edit mode it pivots around some random point across the scene. How do I rotate around what I selected like in object mode?

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the origin of the object may not be in it's centre.

In object mode:
right click object
set origin >
origin to geometry
try again.

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This doesn't seem to do anything for edit mode. It changes the pivot point in object mode.

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>they still really really want to pump out V 3.0 this year
Literally 2 decades of autistic version numbering and suddenly throwing all that way because normies don't like it.
What will this 3.0 coming 2021 be? Literally just 2.93 with some lukewarm UI changes to break the muscle memory and some new sculpt brushes.
I literally don't see anything wrong with waiting for 3.0 until they finally switched from OpenGL to Vulkan. That switch would be big enough to justify that version.

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Is it hard to convert 3dmax models to blender?

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check where your pivot point originates from - you might need median for this.
I usually set it to 3d cursor and use shift+s (->cursor to selected) so it only repositions when - and to where i want it to

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Depends on your definition of "model" and how you intend to convert it.

If you just mean the mesh, textures and little more, it's no problem at all to just export the model as
an open format and import it into Blender.

If you want to convert a max file to Blender without actually having Max, you are out of luck though, it's a proprietary format.

And if you mean you want a full-blown rig from Max, you are probably not going to get too far, but I honestly have no idea.

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Will baking a default principled BSDF Base Color into a UV map decrease my render time at all?
Or am I just as well off not baking it at that point?

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IS it better to texture paint pieces individually then join them together or paint after they've been joined?

pic related

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Quæstion: How do you constrain a Transform (such as Grab/Move) to plane XY?

Effect of key combo G-Z-Z (intended to mean "not Z") is no different from G-Z (constrains to Z-axis). Key combo G-Z-0 just freezes the vertex so you can't move it anywhither. The constraint I'm seeking is available after the fact from the GUI pane for last operation settings.

>Mein bump limit!
Das Autismus.

>the official board FAQ
It's a good FAQ but too long to serve as a prærequisite for asking newcomer and “knew how but forgot” quæstions.

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Made in Blender btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3f8bjgSWE8

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You just do shift+the axis you want omitted

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Le fantastique! Merci beaucoup.

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>Get an hour into a tutorial
>"Yeah so we kinda just wanna make this like how we want it here"
>5 minutes of no speaking, fast clicking, hot keys and nostril breathing

Awesome tutorial man! Hope you don't get into a devastating car accident!

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