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Today I discovered Blender and the "Sculpt" tool.
I am a complete novice with no art talent at all.
I give it a shot, and Low and behold, artfaggotry is VERY easy and years of you cunts pretending that moving some verts with a mouse is difficult- well let's just say that's OUT THE WINDOW.
As you can see with pic related, if a complete novice can create something passable IN HALF AN HOUR it is safe to say he can create game ready assets with not much more practice
Tomorrow I will be firing the two artists working on my video game as it is outrageous they require money for this trivial a task. I am no longer caring about your opinions


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bro i beg you don't do it i don't wanna live on the streets

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please op, I want to live happily and have kids. Don't do this to me

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U got us good i guess... we were gatekeeping for so long.. damn now im gonna become poor.

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Bridgman golems

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I hope this is bait

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Of course it is bait, we have this thread like every two days by faggots who think that this is an original joke.

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>I did this in half an hour without any skills or talent.
It shows.

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Then maybe it's not "bait" nor a "joke", maybe you fags are really out on your ass. When Google deploys the machine learning algorithms to create assets, you fags are TOAST

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Cope, but unironically.

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Pretty much this, when an engineer can do the work of a team of a dozen 3D artists in a fraction of the time artfags are going back to the bottom of society.

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Nice samefagging.

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Liar, we both know that it's objectively good.
Kneel for me, artfag.

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>Tomorrow I will be firing the two artists working on my video game as it is outrageous they require money for this trivial a task
It would be hilarious to see this happen and the consequences unfold. Please be real, OP, not bait.

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>He's samefagging

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