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What is the point of it all when you can't even sculpt a decent rock formation with current brushes?

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this new feature is for repeating patterns you can procedurally mask.

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Holy shit bros, you can now use the cloth brush only inside one of the generated patterns of the mesh.

holy shit.

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Useless feature on top of useless feature. And people say Zbrush is cumbersome to use.

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No, watch it.

When he starts to use the cloth brush with the mask, It's like wtf.
It's like if zbrush and marvelous designer had a baby.


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Hi ZBrush has had topological masking you drag out from one side for like more than a decade, those "face sets" you see here are just polygroups from ZBrush too

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Zbrush doesn't have cloth simulation.

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Oh doesn't it?

Open Google

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yeah, but blender is free.

did u buy zbrush license?

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No I pirated it like everyone else

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then why brag about it?

you didn't pay for it.

besides blender runs on linux, zbrush doesn't.

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I'm not bragging about it i'm letting you know nothing here is revolutionary and to expand your knowledge base

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Even if you're gonna be working in blender sculpt the more you know about how people sculpt in ZBrush the better

>> No.807625

again, is revolutionary for blender users.


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now get a job doing that :)

oh wait :)

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