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I am a programmer who is interested in making a quick small project for my resume/portfolio. If you are interested in working with me on a very small interactive experience, add me on discord (mouse#7577). If you have stuff to show me, or want to pitch any ideas, that would be great.

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fuck off. If you can't program and 3d model you're not gonna make it

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what are you thinking about making op?

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Anything that can be made in a relatively short amount of time using a modern game engine like Unity or Godot. So, something more like a technical demo or walking simulator.

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Let me put it this way. It's way easier to learn how to program a game than it is to learn 3D. Just learn and make one yourself.

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I have an idea in mind but without 3d assets its useless.. also its not small in any shape or form.

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>I picked something that's harder than fucking programming

...All the lights in the sky are our enemies, huh?

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>Not programming your 3d models

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I know programming and 3D and yeah programming for an already made engine like UE4 and Unity is much easier, you don't need to become a graphics programmer or something like that to make a good game by yourself today

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It depends on what you're doing and how high your standards are. Both areas can be challenging.

But actually, I think 3D is ultimately easier if you're doing a project of your own. Why? Because with 3D, if I really end up stuck with some complex model, I can always simplify it, it doesn't matter, those are just visuals. But if I get stuck with a core gameplay mechanic and can't make it work, then the whole project is fucked.

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