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are generators for trees and humans the only generators there are, or are there generators for others type of models too?
in general, what type of assets would you proc gen and which assets would you make custom?

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There are also generators for terrains, and obviously, materials. That's kinda it. Actually when I think about it, I can't even think of a single nice solution for creating rock formations, and that shouldn't be that hard to achieve if terrain generators are already a thing.

And there are various simple generators for furniture and stuff, but it's really basic, since there are infinite designs to cover everything.

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I've seen a few building/city generators.

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blender has a ton of addons that generate almost anything u want from character to cities or even pipes.

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A rock formation generator based on photogrammetry would be incredible

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There is though and Im sure you could do it in Houdini, but I have seen people generating rocks through world position data.

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japanese temple generator in houdini

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the sims has house generators :^)

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It's called houdini.

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OP is asking about ready-made, methinks.

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