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I always seem to end up accidentally creating a bunch of duplicate edges/vertices in Blender

I don't know what I'm doing that causes these to appear, but it ends up being a huge pain in the ass to clean up later and I would like to avoid that if possible.

The "merge by distance" function helps sometimes but there are many that don't get caught by it.

I am pretty new to blender and have just been making models with the basic tools in the edit mode if that's helpful information

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When you extrude something wrong, you need to ctrl+z two times.
Dont know if that is your problem, but this happen with me a lot, maybe help someone.

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that might help, thanks

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you're just fucking up and missing it. And your normals might also be fucked too. Remember you can also change the merge by distance length.

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oh didn't know I know I could change merge by distance length, that should help

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You can increase the distance to merge vertices, you can set vertices to automatically merge and set the threshold for merging.

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