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how much /3/ can i learn using only books and text based tutorials? id rather read 500 pages than listen to the average 3d artist's voice for 30 minutes

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Well all of it ofc. How the hell do you think everyone learnt anything before the advent of tube sites?
It's just a matter of how much slower you will assimilate information as videos can explain some things in the fraction of the time.

Do some people sound like autists recording themselves with a $2 microphone? Yes they do, a lot of them even.
But When you are trying to learn something you're not in it for your aural pleassure as an audiophile.
Sometimes the strongest information you can aquire is that of an autist who have sat in a basement for 12 years honing it's skills.

If you can't suck it up you'll be out done by people who can have raw sewage flowing thru their ears
ignoring the fidelity of the recording while sucking up the information like a sponge.
If you're too diva to crawl in the mud and experience discomfort you're not gonna grow strong and capable.

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actually quite a lot even if it's about stuff like animation
but it's not a silver bullet and there's a reason why good /3/ books had even better CD's attached

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