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Show me last thing you made, this is mine

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Looks like poo. Sorry.

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attempting to make billboard fx for unity.

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Looks pretty good, you should throw it into an engine and see how it looks! Substance painter viewport always looks different from game engines.

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I really just need to sit down for a few hours and just learn substance painter. Texturing just doesn't work with my brain rip

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jsut dumping my recent works here fuggit

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Not sure if you're all the same anon but yeah start focusing on learning Substance painter. Your textures are bringing down the overall quality of the props. Adobe has some great substance tutorials on youtube for free that you could check out. I also took Flippednormals course on substance texturing and they go through the process with you.

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I am still working on my 100+ pieces SciFi Greeble kitbash-set.
Pic related is what I have completed (with UVs). 52 pieces so far. But there are another 30 that are build but still need unwrapping.

Well done Anon.
Get an FPS-rig and animate it...its a great looking gun and I'd love to see it in action.
You also need to learn art basics and fundamentals of texturing/surfacing. Learning Painter is necessary, but I fear even if you know the program, you'll fall into the trap of using smart materials in the wrong way and it'll look bad anyway.
You need to train you brain to see better - these scratches on your guns are a good example - you know they look like the doodling of an 5 year old, right? What went through your head when you did that?
You also didn't use references, right?
Don't be stupid and learn the whole package, its you lacking art skills that are bringing down your work and learning these will make the most difference in quality.

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Aren't there already 100x too many of these greeble kits in the wild? Not for nothin' but there's literally no way to make a new one stand out from the other 72,486 hundred-piece sci-fi kitbash collections... I know they're easy to make, but challenge yourself a little, especially if you plan on selling assets.
Also remember you're trying to sell to pirates.

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I am not selling these. These are mine. I plan to do a couple of SciFi projects in the near future and I need them for that.

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Well than knock yourself out!
Can't imagine why you'd want to re-invent the greeble, but hey, seek your happiness.

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Then let me explain my motivation:
I am kind of honour bound. I will use a ton of stuff from other artists in my project (megascans for nature for example) so i want to at least design all of the hardsurface models (spaceships and other vehicles) myself. That includes the greeble stuff.
I fucked up my right wrist recently (carpal tunnel syndrome) so I can only work for a short amount of time, I am also kind of depressed (low energy) which kills my ability to design. So forcing myself to do a piece of greeble every other day keeps me kinda happy, productive and it keeps me in the game. This is a big side project I use as filler whenever I can't work properly on other projects like right now.

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Made this SCP (Cursed abacus thingy) for a friend.

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there's nothing wrong with this. Sound like a good idea to me.

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Yeah, I would even recommend it to others. I have a couple of these side projects and I feel like these increase my productivity overall. If i am not working on my main projects, even If i am lazy I can talk myself into doing something here and there and so I am always making some progress. The most important thing for me is to break these down into small pieces so that I can easily have a success experience, which feeds into my long-time motivation. Side projects are almost always production related and I am staying inside my comfort zone. Main projects involve lots of learning and RnD and are often outside of my comfort zone.

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Not the anon considering buying substance but do you know of any courses that would help with art basics and fundimentals while also teaching 3d texturing software?

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No, not really. Sorry.

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Prop for my game.

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Love the texture.

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retarded gas block took too long.
handguard/flash hider/magwell/mag/rear irons still to go

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I realy love the design, i have a question too, how was the beveled normal made?
I find it a pain to make bevels in 3d so im looking for a way to do it in texture if possible

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idk why i am as happy about this render as i am about renders where i actually tried a lot, something about it seems fine to me

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in blender it is possible to make a shader that bevels normals and then bake the normal map

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The wood parts look like they're made of plastic ballsack-skin.

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Most recent thing I've made, but not the most proud, since it's based heavily on another work of art. I might even call it a rip off.

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This is the second most recent thing I've made, and I like it much more. It's a remake of a weapon from a PS1 game.

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Third most recent just for funnzies.

That looks really nice
Really cool to see someone model an AK with a thumbhole stock. Vidya games rarely do something like that. It looks nice, even if the textures are a bit rough.
That looks gorgeous. How did you model those? Bools? The complexity of the detail is really, really nice.
Really nice model. I don't like the paintjob, but I understand the appeal of it. But again, the model is fantastic.
Your materials are amazing.
Based and pot pilled
The level of detail on the gas block is nuts. Very impressive. I'd be really curious to see the wires on it. That's a really nice model. Wish I could remember what the weapon is called.

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thanks this was my inspiration

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not bad

cool but not new

cute :3

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Just played Total war troy and I liked the shield. I also need to practice my noding. So I give myself quick challenges using images for detail. Anyone using trim sheets for this sort of thing or is that a meme?

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Very fresh beginner

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Design also mine

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Yeah, but does it move good?

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my own board lol

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Looks sick, Tony.

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nice cottage house would chill out in.

it's the sg550. i plan to make every variant in its family along with the FAMAE variants for an autistic unity game idea. it's my first real project since first dling blender on the 5th, so I guarantee it's a travesty in how i'm actually making it. Certain areas are overly modeled that will never be seen, bad practice in destructive modifications, high edge circles on tiny objects, etc. The biggest offender is the ridiculously bad use of polygons on the handguard. it's a really good learning experience though even if the model is attrociously inefficient in areas.

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>nice cottage house would chill out in.
Thanks anon, I'll 3D-print a life-size version for you.
>autistic unity game
>Certain areas are overly modeled that will never be seen
Embrace the autism fully. Guns are /k/ool. Even if you made a CAD model with 1:1 internal parts that could be 3D printed and interchanged with the real thing, I wouldn't consider it over modeled. Plus modelling all that detail is a good way to hone your skills, so don't worry too much, especially for a first project. That said, don't let yourself get too bogged down in the details if it isn't fun for you.
> The biggest offender is the ridiculously bad use of polygons on the handguard.
I wouldn't worry too much for a game model. I mean, it's always nice to work with all-quad topo, and that's definitely what you should aim for, but for a game model, some bad topo isn't going to kill you. One thing I would suggest is this: in the future, when you get better (and by the looks of things, you're doing pretty well already) go back and model another 550, then compare it with your original. Seeing your improvements is a great way to boost morale.

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Neat work.

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Do you know, or anyone else for that matter, know any good blender resources on retopology or more specifically best practice guidelines for building models with different poly resolution end results in mind?

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First time doing a character, I think I managed to fake my way into a ok looking render with the little hair, because it took me way too long to finish it. Pretty sad about the chin hair and eyes, they look pretty mehj

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Eternal WIP, but I'd call it a finished first pass. I plan on doing major reworks, but I'm putting it on pause until I upgrade my PC.

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based and waterpilled

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Add a cornea bulge and tone down the reflection.

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>cornea bulge
I was totally lost doing the eye part, gonna look it up

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Nice, cozy feeling. What strikes me is the 4th shot, the entrance concrete part is weird, also the last shot the rain hitting the concrete is off feeling, unless that's what you were planning for. What software did you use ?

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I know what you mean, that's because denoising at the current sample count is ruining all the tiny surface detail of the asphalt. I used Cycles for this. I think I'll be switching to Octane or UE4 when I upgrade because I already have a full version of this in Unreal, too.

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I made this dojo from the game dofus

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low poly soldier dudes.

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I ONLY design in Fusion360... so everything I design is REAL and can be made.
Is it a working model or just looks like a real thing?

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Too fussy.

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>so everything I design is REAL
No fucko, what you design is just data on a computer.

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No... what I design GETS MADE.
CNC plus lathe work.
Does ya get it now, hon?

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As in ALL the parts and shapes have to work and work together to do real jobs, plus be able to be maintained, removed, cleaned and replaced, with tolerances.
I don't just paint pretty pictures of non-functioning clip-art.

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lol who cares, I don't expect people to decorate their living room with a washing machine's guts, or a kid be more inspired by a vacuum cleaner than a completely fictional spaceship

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I know YOU don't.
But some of us work for a living designing things that have to work and have to be capable of being manufactured by real machine tools from real stainless steel... and have to fit together and support the weight or withstand the pressure or operate with the real-world forces exerted on them.
>muh fictional spaceship with pretty textures and cute shading
But some of us design things that have to work in the real world or somebody dies!
Look around you.
You're surrounded by real things doing real jobs.
Didn't you ever wonder who comes up with the designs you copy, without knowing exactly how they work?
Wonder no more... It is people like me.

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still missing the point, I see
no one here cares about whether your parts are functional. Only about their aesthetics
if you want to brag about small tolerances, go to a mechanical engineering board
but here, your skill at functional design is irrelevant unless applied to push imagination further, creating more believable, but still fictional, concepts
all your stress and wear tolerance calculations mean nothing here if they haven't been made in support of an artistic goal
absent that, you might as well refrain from posting

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Almost like there's 2 different mindsets and applications when it comes to 3d modelling, and there's people who enjoy 3d for different reasons. Who knew?

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trying ideas for the upper floor of the house
it's currently empty minus the wood beams, i made measurements for the wood frame and replicated it in blender and added a bunch of low poly furnitures to give an idea of the scales

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i already tried a bunch of differents layouts
when im done with one i get rid of the floor minus the wood frame and go again
toilets are too long because a beam was blocking the door so i move it further back in the corridor, that and other things needs fixing
getting there
first few layouts were retarded, its starting to look like a place you could actually live in

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upper right bathroom used to be an office but i figured it would be nice to take a bath looking at the view (no neighbor in that direction)
it's sort of far away from the bedrooms
so i put a shower in the master bedroom
i guess the guests will have ro walk

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>Activate Windows in his render
Anon I

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How does that even happen? LMAO

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By putting your render as a wallpaper and hiding icons and taskbar.

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please be gentle :3

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I like it, looks good anon.

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just a shitty three-d model of a robit-gurl

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You guys sculpt the gayest shit, my god it's like you're all 11 year old boys no wonder you hate "coomers" so much. Guns, skateboards, more guns, robots, guns jfc you probably think women have cooties
based actually sculpting something people give a shit about instead of some gay gun that's been done 10000000000000 times

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This has to be bait please be bait, if not you are beyond help anon. What are you even doing here? I doubt you do 3d art

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It's poly-modeled, anon.
I don't get what his issue is. Weapons are fun to model, a bitch to UV map, though.

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If it's not a meme it's because mechanical things are fun to model and good practice

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1 hour experimental thing. I'm happy with how the final image came out.
It's really nice. Always love a good mech/robot. I'm currently working on a mech (not the wooden one in pic rel.) I think with a better lighting setup, you could make it look even better. Regardless, I really love the aesthetic. Feels very scifi, but also grounded. Kind of like a halfway point between the two.
Wow. Really good. Really has a lot of character. Satellite dish bow is a nice touch.

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