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I've decided to make a feature film with some online friends on a digital backlot without any experience, and I'm really obsessed with crane shots; especially the kind where you start with an establishing shot, then smoothly pan or zoom down to your talent. Can someone explain how or post links to how you do it? The real camera is stationary, so I don't really know how to do the transition. I've seen motion tracking tutorials showing this done, but this particular one didn't go into enough detail for me to understand. Something about UV mapping the tracked footage???
Around the 2-minute mark.
pic unrelated.

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If you need help learning motion tracking in general, you should watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLSGG7sDEac

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I know how to motion track, my question is how do you create a new camera move and then transition into your composited footage smoothly?

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>blender for motion tracking
No thanks. There are dedicated tools for that which yield better results.

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From the video it looks like he leaves the real camera stationary throughout the crane move until he begins the handheld part, then he moves the real camera.

In cg after tracking it he probably makes a second camera, parented to the motion tracked one.
Now you can move the second camera wherever and then when you finish the crane move, return it to 0,0,0 (local space) which is the tracked camera's position (since its parented to it).

Uv mapping the tracked footage just helps the real-life objects have parralax when you move the that second camera.

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>opening a generic questions thread with your own question
>doing so when a dedicated questions thread already fucking exists
undo yourself.

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Good show of craftsmanship, utterly boring and unimaginative scene.

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I didn't make it, but it looks really nice.

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>Thread has a different name
>Still expect people to find it
Sorry not sorry

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You're the new faggot. It's used the same name for years bitch. How fucking hard was it to search for question instead of some arbitrary acronym.
For all your talk about it "not having the right name", you fucked up your own OP anyway by putting your smoothbrained question in the fucking top.
>Questions that don't deserve their own thread
You're sure as fuck yours doesn't deserve its own thread, yet you fucking made one specifically for it.


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Does anyone know how I'd go about making models for 3D Custom Girl? The game uses TAH files for things like objects, clothing and hairstyles. Is there a way I could take models from free 3d sites and convert them to work?

I'm not sure where to start.

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Where's a good place to find vfx people who will work for free (and are ideally redpilled)?

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>vfx people who will work for free
there is no such place.

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a high school? adults don't give away free labor.

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>Where's a good place to find vfx people who will work for free
Big studios.

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this is what Screen Space Reflections in unity look like right out of the box in HDRP. Is this correct? With a reflective plane and matte objects you see the entire object reversed. Does this look bad or is this ok?

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>vfx people who will work for free
>(and are ideally redpilled)?

you want them to be an incel no top of all that?

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If we're all frens there's no need for money. I'd like to put donations links in the credits, but there are no promises.

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Give it to me straight, is there any hope of creating new cgpeers account in the modern days?
I'm in desperate need of Houdini courses and a urban props pack

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What is CG Peers, and why is everyone always talking about it??

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>If we're all frens there's no need for money.
That's retarded.

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>is there any hope of creating new cgpeers account in the modern days?
Yes. >>783909

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for the millionth time, nobody that knows what they're doing is going to volunteer free labor to make your ideas happen. random strangers are not your mommy.

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>is there any hope of...
You don't wanna know, it'll make you depressive.
>That's retarded.
Absolutely retarded.
Ha, that's what I would call occupational therapy...you know, to keep you busy.

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Slowly enable a constraint or 2 with rotation and location as your second cam approaches the 1st.

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How do I get FaceMojo for free

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Where's a safe space other than cgpeers to obtain Maya and Substance Painter?

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autodesk.com, $270 a year
adobe.com, $19/mo

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