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Is there ANY way to (in BLENDER) make ink it or any kind of thick liquid and make it keep falling from a characters body?
Let's say he's covered in ink/blood/cum whatever you want and the droplets are falling out of him, but he's still covered in it.
What tool should i be looking for to achieve this?
Thanks in advance, anons.

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not helping anon.
but go ahead. what should i be using?

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>what should i be using?
the fucking blender or questions thread. Did you really need your own thread for someone to tell you to use a fucking fluid sim? No one is going to spell it out and hold your hand step-by-step.

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>Is there ANY way

There are multiple ways. The question is, what are you producing this for, and how good does it need to look?

The 'obvious' answer is you use a fluid sim particle system. But that might be completely excessive. Depends on the result you want.

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A thread died for this

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Thanks anon, i'll look into fluid sims. i haven't really used them much since i've been only praticing how to model and animate for the last few months you were helpful. Thanks for not crying like the other posters

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People are annoyed because you made an entire thread and spent 9 hours waiting for a response you would have got on your own if you spent a few seconds searching in google
>how do I make liquids in blender?

ESLs are disgusting

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Why use blender use 3d maya it has best fluid simulation

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Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Blender's fluid sim cannot do friction/stickiness/adhesion. I could never find a setting for it.

What you can do in Blender though is use a particle simulation set to fluid and use a metaball as the render object. Looks like shit but it can easily do real time. Good luck getting all the settings for everything right though.

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Viscosity is under "Diffusion". Adhesion could be mocked with time scale. I believe you could use dynamic paint on the output mesh from the sim to create wet, but I might be wrong. Good luck prototyping this shit though, takes forever.

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If it died for this, it wasn't worth keeping alive

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Use youtube

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Also recommending metaball particles, its quick and dirty but works.

Heres a still from an animation I did using it

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