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any easy tool to make hats in roblox?
im desperate for a small job
please i need more money for my 40k figurinos

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first step is installing blender
second step is logging into youtube and typing "roblox blender hat"

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Same bro

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Wait, you can make money with this shit?

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Look! it's the daily "How do I make some quick bucks with 3D"-thread.

If you have to ask the question, you're most likely nowhere near as good as you have to be to make the money you want.
Now fuck off from this board.

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pictured: a confused teenager begging to be allowed to make content for somebody else's videogame for pennies so that he can continue filling his room with ridiculous shards of plastic that have no practical or aesthetic value but that he has been somehow hypnotized into desiring more than anything else in the world; the invisible hand of the market sliding down between his buttcheeks and towards his virgin pink asshole.

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Be sure to make a Kippah Goy.

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Turbo based

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>more money
This has to be bait.
It HAS to be.

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hey look this thread again

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who the fuck is even gonna buy roblox hats models? lmao

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sell your 3d printed figurines

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you do know that it isnt that simple right

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little kids lole. actual gold mine

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