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Facebook just joined the dev fund, are 3dmaxies/mayies mad about this ? It's kinda sad that in the long run Blender will dominate the market and those people wasted so much fucking time of their lives learning useless pathetic tools, I can only feel pity for them :(

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weak bait

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Quit with these retarded software wars and go make some art.

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"art" can only be made with the correct tools
Maya is a good example
(((blender))) is a bad one

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As if being joined by FB is a good thing.
Worse than Autocuck actually.
Bye, bye Blunder

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U faggots are as bad consolewarriors but u are right. Facebook literally cancer infested itself on Blender. Won't be long until it's dead.

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Blender is being used more in the industry but the profesionals arent wery chaty

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You fucking fuck fat pig faggot, shut the fuck up and go back to your 3dsMax cave to model dildos fucking retarded down syndrome asshole

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You retard. The gates to millions of dollars are closing for the plebs. Hundreds of potential millions are currently accessible to the lowly 3D developer. Literally. Figuratively. Virtually. Yet you sit here gawking about tools and how joining a mega-corporation is good news for Blender. The time limit is less than five years to make your first million usd. The time limit is less than ten years to make your first ten million. If you do not have access to millions of dollars by 2030 you will be consequentially subjugated and destroyed by the billion dollar corporations and their restrictions on the creator. You need to be working on your creation. You need to stop blubbering like a braindead consumer and start innovating. This is a warning to /3/ - You are running out of time!

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I all ready have ten million rupees, what I am doing now?

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Stop using Blender. It's worse than alcohol.

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Poo poo buu buu

Lick that :) :) :)

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Thank you for proving my point.

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Lame effort 3/10

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AR hentai games are gonna be the next big thing. remember this

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yeah like occulus right

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Once Blender has become dependent on Daddy Facebook's money, Zuckerberg will play his cards. Any unmet demand could mean firing developers, and no one wants that, right?

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Daz is the only good 3d software

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I'm seriously uncomfortable with Facebag rubbing its loins on Blender. The only thing that could be worse is if Adobe "aquired" it... it would certainly turn to pewp just like everything else they've touched.

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Yeah.. these are my fears.. everyone has a price and its just a matter of time untill blender will be as u said, aquired by some big greedy company..

These people shitting on blender forget one thing - competition is good for the consumer.

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>These people shitting on blender forget one thing - competition is good for the consumer.
True, but Blender is no competition, however.

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I don't think we need to fear them requiring facebook to open Blender, or anything like that. It's open source, if they do something like that people would fork it.

A real threat however, (one that happens all the time with open source software projects) is Facebook (and all these other companies for that matter) making getting the money contigent of them changing to a draconian code of conduct or fucking with Blender in other ways, driving off the most talented devs, and the project just dies.

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indeed, to kill Blender, they just need to inject SJW types who will focus on demanding more inclusivity instead of developing it, thus slowly turning it to shit.
Still surprised Blender escaped the whining for having almost entirely male and caucasian devs. Maybe Ton being a jew shields it for the moment.

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R.I.P. Blender. You had potential once.

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>the whining
They only do that to projects that matter. It will eventually come to Blender, too.

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Ton and a couple of the core developers, plus their main animator dude, are hyper liberal.

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>hyper liberal.
You sure? I don't see them enforcing gender parity among Blender devs or similar policies.

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>dev doesn't care about money

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>>let the convergence begin
soon enough you'll need to kneel to transfaggots and pedophiles in order to use blender

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That's like saying "RIP Linux"; the FOSS nature of Blender means it can always be forked even if some weird shit got added to it (like say a required facebook account to use it)

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Blender suck it weak if you want good animation and rendering use maya and 3d max they are the industry standard

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>are 3dmaxies/mayies mad about this
nah it's pretty cool

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Really? As a Maya user I've been considering jumping over to Blender, but now that Facebook got its cock in it, that option is out. Not a chance I'll be using it.

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Why would you want to use it in the first place?
On the other hand, Facebook has basically no power over the development of Blender, worst case scenario: they have some form of control over the way the money they spent is used.
Its a Nothing-burger.

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Go to 3d max or cinema 4d blender is not worth it rendering suck the ui is another language

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i dont think it matters much
i've been considering it for a while as a primarily max user, i can't right now because i'm too busy with projects to spend time on it, but i will someday for sure.

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