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What does this mean for /3/?

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Absolutely nothing until they release their ARM iMac, then we'll see.

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What do we know for now?
Are the major programs compatible with Rosetta 2 or do they have to be rewritten for ARM?
What about the performance of the integrated GPU? Is it enough for some light work or is it completely useless?

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Very light work.
The performance under Rosetta 2 is impressive, but still not enough.
The iGPU on the M1 performs roughly on the level of a 1050ti, impressive for a uncooled system, but yet again only enough for light work.
It's an impressive laptop SoC, but not much more, that's why we gotta wait for what they're going to come up with for their actual Desktop systems and for proper software ports.
I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.

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I bet it won't even be compatible with most renderers

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Octane and redshift prepare Metal support version but next year.

Hoping Apple don't full drop OpenGL support, blender won't move to Vulkan or Metal in years.

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Does cheetah3d work?

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>Hoping Apple don't full drop OpenGL support, blender won't move to Vulkan or Metal in years.
It's okay, Macfags like to pay big for things, so they certainly aren't using Blender.

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>Macfags like to pay big for things
Yes, problem?

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nah, retards overpaying because muh brand are good for the economy

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My Apple stock pays for my Apple products.

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You apple stocks could pay for better hardware, you are wasting the earned money.

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You're not supposed to get high on your own supply, dingus.

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