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Source Filmmaker


Why did i ever slave trying to port 3d models to the source engine?!?

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Did you groom the fur with vanilla blender or did you use an add-on for it?

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Op from phone. It's all vanilla. It took ages but i finally got a decent idea of how to go about it, if you're unsure i can try to clear up stuff

>> No.783224

I think it looks pretty fine as it is

>> No.783283

looks nice

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If you're not using native Valve assets in SFM then urdoinitrong.

That's all it's for. TF2 fanart. And FNAF faggottry.

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My dumb ass wanted to make something original in SFM
So i made this. And then i tried to follow it up, and make everything look real nice. Though it being SFM i gave up recently after working on it for nearly 2 years

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So how’s it going?
You started with blender 4 years ago and what do you do now?

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When i started i only used blender to make models to be ported into Source Filmmaker.

It is only recently i am attempting to use Blender to it's full extent. The hd rabbit up top is my most recent thing. I'll attempt to make a full animatable rig, and start out with some cool renders. Then maybe animations too

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Can you make 3D furry pictures for a living?

>> No.783365

Maybe i can??? If i can i will

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Post some of your censored nsfw model please

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Looks good. The new hair brushes are really fun to play around with. Furry artists are gonna profit hard.

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I used to make source shit too, and it was the worst time of my life.

Didn't help the source community is hell.

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I only made one, but imma start over from scratch again sometime

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good editing!

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does anyone know a site where i can post source models anonymously? i don't like being credited because all these models will just get used in coomer renders

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you could always just make a new anon account somewhere. Turbosquid, sketchfab, even deviantart

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too much effort to just post a model on a site then kill the account, have fun with this shitty quarter assed model https://litter.catbox(dot)moe/62ycop.zip

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But its easy OMEGALUL.

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Pretty good job, honestly.

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Are you aware that your youtube channel redirects to your porn account and not your main.

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i remember seeing this when it first came out, its awesome man

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o god. No, i changed it now. It's prolly been like that for 2 years

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What next?

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I can only guess that maybe it was because you like the way SFM renders models. I personally like the way SFM renders any 3D model. There is just this look the Source Filmmaker creates when rendering anything ported into it that I find appealing.

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>this better model looks better. It MUST be the software!!!

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>t. retard

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