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Previous thread: >>770682

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Vulkan when

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you guys are apart of the official /3/ blenderbro server, right?


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>pablo turns into yansculpt

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What's the maximum polygon count a Zbrush sculpture can have so it can get exported to Blender?

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same energy

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depends on how much pain you can take

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I usually use 10 million polygons per character, but I've heard Blender crashes on as little as 4 million

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Starting to do weight painting, never really messed with it before. Tried doing it with automatic weights and then cleaning it up, but it's just too messy to do it like that. Using the paint mask button seems like a better way of doing it, but having to go into edit mode just so I can select better is annoying.

What's your workflow when you're weight painting?

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Is it possible to have shape keys not modify the UV map?

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>Fucking up the OP

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>caring about having hypocritical drivel in the OP no one gives a fuck about anyways
anyone who has a question either asks here or fucking uses google.

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>asks here or fucking uses google.
You know for a fucking fact neither of that happens. They'll post an entire thread for 1 reply.
Which is exactly what'll happen now that the shit isn't instantly accessible for the retards that come here.

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not sure, but you could probably solve this problem in your webm with a material.

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I'm not that good at using separate xyz node and the math ones, but yeah this seems to do the trick. Yours works well when you're using the UV output, while in mine I just changed it to object output in texture coordinate. Thanks a lot for showing me a more advanced setup anon!

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As a sidenote for that, the bars are one object with the UVs like pic related.
depending on how you'd like it, you can remove the empty space between the bars in the UVs, or scale the bars to have no height so they're either cumpletely filled or empty only.

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Is that all polymodeled or partially sculpted?
I'm trying to get a look as clean as tbat

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>but I've heard Blender crashes on as little as 4 million
lies and slander

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Yeah, I don't know what that guy's talking about. Blender crashes every 5-10 minutes, the polycount has nothing to do with it.

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Welcome to the Blender General, where we discuss Blender, share our Blender-related works and ask for Blender-related help.

>What is Blender?
Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.


>Blender Market


>Useful tutorials

>Useful addons

>Free resources

OP is a retard

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I have no idea what you guys are doing...
Unless possibly always using latest beta builds instead of stable releases maybe. Or using unsupported decades old hardware or nameless china chipsets.
Blender rarely ever crashes for me. Sometimes I just leave it open over night and continue the next day without problem.
In the past month it maybe crashed once for me.
Also In case of crashes by default it auto-saves every few minutes so you can recover your work fairly easy.

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oh or maybe have weird random addons installed.

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>wahh wahh waaaah muh op waah
You have to go back.

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Back where?

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is this shit worth it?

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For a lawyer or doctor probably not.
Also probably not for pets.
If your interest is big enough and you think you'd gain something from it, maybe.

What I'm saying, "worth" is usually a personal thing, anon, we know nothing about you, and most of us probably don't even care about you.

But in the end you have to assess for yourself if it would be worth it for you.

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It's pretty cheap to take a quick look through and see if there's anything worthwhile. I subbed for a while and didn't regret it. Couple good tuts and assets.

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le snoot :3

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So yeah motherfuckers I still have my question unanswered. If my system can handle 70M polygons in Zbrush, what size should I leave my models at so they can get further worked on in Blender? I just want to groom fur in Blender because the Fibermesh in Zbrush looks ugly

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i havent even started to think about learning 3d. i just want to make cool 80s wireframes and vaporwave aesthetic animations to go with my music.

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what do i do after donutman tutorials?
fucking lost ngl
any books i should read?

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Why are you even getting into 3D when you have no idea what you actually want to do?!

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i like modeling

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model a fat fucking bastard

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Apart from modeling you surely have something else you enjoy in your life. Take that and model it.

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I am just saying that the donutman tutorials dont give me much to go on with... but if i had to say i like scifi so i'd like to model some equipaments, robots, futuristic looking maps, perhaps when i feel confident enough make a small game.
But that seems too hard for someone who just finished donutman tutorials, any recommendations of books to get me the necessary knowledge? also, if possible art books as well since i have no art knowledge so i probably need anatomy/color theory or some other shit i dont know.

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Should i bother upgrading to 2.9?
almost all tutorials are on 2.8x

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Hope he can pull this off.
His first milestone looks really promising.

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what's that webm supposed to mean?

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Blender is getting to early 2010s standards of performance! YAY

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At least it has hotkeys for everything...

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What software doesn't?

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Blender has massive performance problems with higher density meshes which is especially a big problem while sculpting.
On the left side you see the current performance and on the right side the first prototype for an upcoming Blender version.

Adobe software for example. Usually hotkeys for "most" functionality but definitely not as flexible as Blender where you can define hotkeys literally for everything on the fly instead of being at mercy of the devs, hoping they'll introduce the one you'd like.

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Autodesk. I use Fusion 360 and Inventor at work and not only do they have wildly differing hotkeys, they don't even have the same functions hotkeyed, e.g. Fusion has a hotkey to toggle construction lines but Inventor has a hotkey for a section view

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Can anyone recommend some good blender videos?
I had a playlist from a channel that teached best practices like how avoid destructive methods but i lost it.

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There is a difference between legitimate questions and blatant requests of spoonfeeding.

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>It's another anime girl static sculpt

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unity, substance...

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Left is a recent public build of Blender. Right is an experimental build of Blender.

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Imported a model from Zbrush (after zremesh) and now I want to animate. Do I need to make a retopo so it can bend right?

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It's recommended to do so, yes.

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What is good course that teaches retopology? I think that is the reason I'm having problems with deformation on rigging :

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Stylised character workflow on the blender cloud

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Prepare vertex groups for problem areas. Build rig. Automatic weights. Use weight paint/edit mode vertex groups to clean up weights. Edit mode vertex group vert removal is best for large areas, or where verts are very close and weight painting becomes tedious.

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I'm planing to create furry characters, and get rich. What am I in for?

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>What am I in for?
Literally nothing but pain, madness and having to deal with customers that try to befriend you to get free shit and getting spammed non stop if you refuse their advances.
All on top of the fact that the market is oversaturated already.
Avoid at all cost or maybe you might get lucky if you're into shit like scat.

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I just found a better 3D program than Blender.

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And trannies as clients

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So i'm trying to make a poster where the focal point of the image is a close up of a hand with the rest of the body in the background but blurred.
The hand that's attached to the model has markings on it and the topology lends it's self well to subdivision.

I was curious what your workflows are for this kind of scenario, i want to sculpt high resolution detail into the hand to add things like folds etc, but i don't want to subdivide/multires the entire fucking model and waste a bunch of memory just to sculpt detail into one area.

What's the best solution to this? Increasing the topology of the hand then bridging things back together through diamonds or keeping the hand part of the same rig but separate objects, one with a significantly higher polycount than the rest of the body and just making sure the weights are good enough to keep the seam invisible.

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Any tips sculpting with a mouse?

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Finaly, i hope vertex Paint is next

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anon, most of us are not ants.

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what version is that?

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I'd love to use blender but it's performance is garbage, it's my favourite 3D program but it just doesnt measure up to maya.

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This is bait but Maya is an unmaintainable, rotten tangle of spaghetti shitware that should have been retired over a decade ago.


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I was falseflagging since i use blender but i always see people shitting on it's performance.
People shit on 3DS, and now you are shitting on maya, wouldnt that mean blender has no real competition aside from like houdine? why isnt it more used then?

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Because Blender is by far the worst performer, see the video.

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I mean, so is Blender.

Or Photoshop, or Office, or any 15+ year old professional application with layers upon layers of legacy code. Scrapping the whole fucking thing and making something similar from scratch is usually the only way.

>> No.775143

see 2.8

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And see >>775138 for how well 2.8 performs. Then see the hundreds of antiquated, unusable piece of shit parts of Blender which weren't even touched in 2.8 (aka most of them).

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Do yourself a favor: install Maya, load a simple sub-d model in it, and move some faces. Then do the same in Blender. You'll see how much Blender sucks.

And I'm comparing Blender against Maya, when Maya is not even the best performing modeling software (that's arguably Max).

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why are you even in the blender thread lmao?

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I'm not, I'm on the front page. Otherwise, because I'm forced to use this piece of shit software I've hated for 10 years to convert models and rigs.

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>Scrapping the whole fucking thing and making something similar from scratch

No, you don't want "something similar". Without a professional (read: good and well paid) architect to lay out a fundamentally sensible design 5 years down the line and you'll be back at square one with a necrotic and pus-filled codebase. Blender is a hobby project so of course the amateur devs just use the tools they know (python lel) to string together low performance garbage code.

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I'd also add "innovation" to that. Instead of executing what everyone currently does competently, it might be worth it to bet on something radically different, like procedural node-based modeling or physics-based animation.

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Yeah let's just copy Houdini. Innovation!

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I was referring TO Houdini. And Substance, and Cascadeur.

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>the market is oversaturated
Art market for sure, not the 3D one just yet

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What market do you have in mind? Places like TurboSquid and CGTrader seem quite saturated to me.

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totally stuck on the donut i just cant seem to properly do the icing bullshit the icing keeps bugging even tho i am using the snap to face bullshit he did...

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is there a better solution to animating this face, i have it as a material with an image sequence going into output same with the mouth

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Alright so is the fluid animation not working for anybody else?
I have a domain set to liquid, an object within set to emit liquid and the cache type is set to replay.
When I play the animation though nothing happens.

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Bones with drivers that control the material.

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Critiques? Is there an easier way to get a "heated particle" I am using metaballs with newtonian physics and wind forces with falloff power.

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I actually like it a lot
well done, anon

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help i'm retarded

is there a way to complete a selection of vertices to "fill select" the whole face/edge/vertex structure either to the left or the right on this plane? i have a model i want to split up into parts, but the circular selection/box selection doesn't let me be precise with the selection process and it's awful.


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nevermind i figured it out, for anyone that's as new as me, it's called loop selection. just play around w/ it

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Maybe if you made the metaballs a bit smaller...

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>just started a fluid simulation with 400 resolution divisions
See you guys in a few months

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Just upgraded to Blendie 2 point niner. Where do the parameters for Rigify live now? They used to be in the items tab as seen on the right, but they're missing now as screenshotted from the left. And yes of course I am in pose mode.

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download and try, generally if you aren't sculpting anything in blender and its 70 million static, it MAY be workable, I have had something along the lines of 12 million on a far older version of blender and far older system, just dont expect shit to run 'smooth' and you should be good. you want to be safe, maybe try to cap things around 1 million,

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learn how to cut and how to extrude, also learn how to move the mesh in x,y,z only.

this will allow you do make damn near fucking anything, granted it won't be perfect, but you model and then learn what you want to do to make it better and find out how to do it.

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Got any videos on weapon modeling?

>> No.775416

soooo.... g+z/y/x?
Are you talking about knife tool?
I still have to get good at it i always end up with unproportional cuts
not the anon you quoted tho

>> No.775417

bit more advanced then what I suggested but this should give you a basis of knowledge on what to/how to do it.


yes the knife tool, as for un proportional cuts, you can/should be able to cut down the middle with a snap function, or possibly subdivide if you want proportional.

The key is these tools will let you model fucking anything, so make something, and when you eventually fuck up/find something you want to improve, look up how to improve it, lean the programs organically if its a hobby, no need to learn as though it's a job and you need to know it all immediately.

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uh oh!
next time he's wearing a bandana

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>useful tutorials
>a bunch of fucking youtube videos
pick one

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ٱللَّٰهُ أَكْبَرُ

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What clothes addon should I get
Also where could I get these paid addons for free? any torrent site that have these or a discord?

>> No.775605

Also do you think importing Daz clothes will be able to fit a different model?
Where can I get daz assets for free. I remember kickasstorrent used to have some..

>> No.775609

If you are ready to pirate, grab Marvelous Designer instead of inadequate Blender plug-ins.

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Gimme a r8 on my blender wallpaper, really simple no skill kinda shit I know

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Inshallah we will put the AutoDesk infidels to the sword. There is no modelling software but blender.

>> No.775622

It's pretty cool. Sometimes there's something to be said for less realistic, very simple, but aesthetically pleasing art. I don't think I would want it as a wallpaper, though. It's a little to visually stimulating, but it is very pretty.
>no skill kinda shit I know
Don't put yourself or your art down, anon.

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Awesome colors! My favorite combo.

>> No.775626

So... still waiting on any responses to this

>> No.775647

I like it a lot, care to tell how you made it?

>> No.775649

Thanks anons
The rings are just bezier curves with emission material. Add depth in the bevel options inside the nurbs panel. The emission amount is really high, about 300. The rest is just the inside of a cube stretched really far in the x axis. Using a normal principled bdsf shader with metallic at about 0.1 and roughness about 0.4, rendered in eevee i think. Cant actually remember. I know i did it in cycles and eevee and did a bunch of renders at different settings so I can't remember fully which one I used for that exact pic. Though if it is eevee I remember I needed to add a denoise pass inside the composite workspace.

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It's look good, but the floor and ceiling has this, I don't know how to explain, claustrophobic feeling? It has no detail and it doesn't blend too well with the walls, it has no indication of its dimensions.

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Bros noob here, i was following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5QDKMwvbkw&t=2s&ab_channel=SirPinkBeard
but on the part where he uses the knife tool, mine skips on of the faces, any tips how to fix it?
i've been trying to fix it, some people said you had to clean up, i did but it cleaned zero.

>> No.775791

Good colors. I think it would look better without the dutch angle, but that's just my opinion.

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>What clothes addon should I get
this, https://github.com/the3dadvantage/Modeling-Cloth-2_8

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whats a good budget non display graphics tablet for blender ?

>> No.775844

>draws tons of curvy and ladies
>grows beard despite his wife saying she hates the beard
>promises to shave it (all this he said in some videos)
>keeps it for months and then switching to stubbles

inb4 divorce drama

>> No.775847

Post a time stamp for the for the section of the tutorial, and a screenshot of the part of your model you're working on.

>> No.775850

This is the bottom of a bottle. Should I use a grip fill, or just a simple triangle fan? Grid fill seems to be causing very minor shading issues.

>> No.775853

I already redid it, paying close attention to the video this time, this time it worked properly, i probably fucked up on the edges somehow.

>> No.775855

Can anyone reccomend me some channels for a begginer?

>> No.775856

Absolutely and unapologetically based

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Forgot pic.

>> No.775858

what primitive do i use to model a chalice?
noob btw

>> No.775859

cylinder, but easiest way to create shapes like that is to loft them.

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He posted a Jordan Peterson quote some time ago (pic rel). I think he unironically is a pretty based -and even a little bit red pilled- centrist. In that video, he stopped just short of saying social justice warrior/sꝍyboy/leftist or whatever we're calling them now.

>> No.775861

what is that

>> No.775862

>>775859 is right

>> No.775863

essential and now-ancient concept in 3D

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Draw the profile with a spline and lathe it...or whatever the equivalent in blender is

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File: 238 KB, 1730x1933, Drawing-a-circle-with-the-compasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like this, but with the outline of a wine glass instead of a flat circle.

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File: 1.54 MB, 1920x1080, light glaze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone mind helping me figure out my donut issue? I'm deviating a bit from the guide and trying to make a donut of my choosing, which is just a light glaze on top of donut. Issue here is the bumps of my donut going over the icing and creating the off look. How would I go about making my icing conform to the shape of the bumps as well?

Also from my beginner knowledge of texture editing from modding games and whatnot, is trying to have modeled light icing like this a waste or is it just better to have a specular map done?

>> No.775868

snap to face

>> No.775872

Following the donut tut, the bumps aren't made with modeling but via displacement. So no snap to face option for this issue here. There must be some way for blender to be able to reference the displacement made from donut onto the icing though right? If there is I'm just not too sure how to do it.

>> No.775873

Basically this but in Blender you can trace it with vertices and spin it. Just remember to delete overlapping vertices and check your normals afterwards.

>> No.775877

Are the donut and frosting separate objects?

>> No.775880
File: 104 KB, 888x461, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep, its called "Screw" in blender

>> No.775881


>> No.775884

Plug the displacement into the glace

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File: 2.17 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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work most of your magic with Snakehook/grab type brushes. Those are the ones that actually works better with the increased precision of a mouse.

When doing middle of surface detail use a lower opacity on your brushes so you can blend shapes together with a minimum amount of smoothing once you're done.

Mouse is my preferred input method for sculpting. I own several tablets that I use all the time, just not for sculpting.
There's a lot of naysayers out there that underestimate the mouse, they're prob pretty new or use to high sensitivity or acceleration etc.
A correctly set up mouse have that 'one screen pixel' at the time type precision that is far more accurate than any tablet.

I sculpted pic related as a test during 2 sessions I posted in a wip thread here using only mouse while testing out the sculpt tools in blender earlier this year.

>> No.775893

It's really up to what you prefer, speed vs precision. For professionals tablets are superior, but for hobbyists mouse is fine.

>> No.775911

Is there any way to make meshs not clip over others?
having to perfectly align say a cup with a table is kinda a pain

>> No.775913


You place the pivot of your cups etc so they're at the base of your model, then you have a plane or pivot that represent the surface of the table and just position/orientation align them to that surface as needed.

>> No.775914

can you explain so a brainlet can understand

>> No.775916

Can you explain a little more? Even when I just copy paste my displacement settings from my donut onto my glaze, it doesn't match up.

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File: 11 KB, 647x449, 2020.10.14_21.41.29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most applications with rotate/move tools have this concept of a "pivot point", whether it's 2D or 3D (hell, probably some text editors too). Instead of rotating or scaling something around its center, you can designate an arbitrary location as the object's pivot point, and scale/rotate operations will work as if that point was the center of the object instead.

In Blender, this is called an "origin" and works more or less the same way. You can set your origin point to be at the bottom of your bowl or cup or whatever, and use snapping to align that point with a plane (like the surface of a desk). It's cumbersome as fuck, but there's probably an addon for it.

>> No.775919

i see, thanks anon.

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is this topology wrong?
been having issues selecting faces with it

>> No.775985

>snap to face
>select bowl > G > Hold ctrl and put mouse over table

>> No.776061

is there any way to fix when you mirror the connecting vertices not being merged?

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Is blender is good way to create UE4 assets?
I want to create a map for a game, but I have 0 experience with blender or 3d modelling in general

pic is my first try this morning

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Guys, I don't know how but somehow my N tab stopped showing the actual coordinates for selected vertices.

What do?

Also why is there so many buttons in Blender which once pressed accidentally change the interface in a seemingly irreversible manner...

>> No.776076

diamonds or even a separate mesh for the hands

>> No.776108


well.. you are fucked..

>> No.776118

>Is blender is good way to create UE4 assets?
yes blender is fine for creating assets

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Ok boys, i want to create furry prn and interior visualizations. I really like the process and i can draw a little. What am I in for? How long can it take to become a decent artist?

By decent i mean to be able to impress normies and maybe to get some job in that field

>> No.776124

>Impress normies, get a job.
>Making furry porn.

Pick one anon, because you can't have both.

>How long does it take

Several thousand hours of dedicated practice.
If you're somewhat talented and very into it dumping any spare time into this you can expect to get there in about 3-5 years.

>> No.776128

>3-5 years.
What about 3-5 months? I would like to see what 4-months noobie work look like

>> No.776129

Very good, in my case. But everyone doesn't have my case.

>> No.776140

blease help

>> No.776145

It willl look like this >>774535 or this >>772634

>> No.776146

Show me.

>> No.776151

Can anyone reccomend me some addons?
Or tell me where get paid addons for free?
found a real good channel but the dude is a kike promoting his fucking 40 dollars addon.

>> No.776154
File: 189 KB, 462x450, 1580695296590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That is actually a very good question and I'd like to know too.
The one on the right could also cause problems because motherfucking 16-pole. Some programs hate anything over 5-poles so that might cause headaches too.

>> No.776157

>Guy puts work into making an addon
>Would like to make some income from it
Making money from the fruit of your labor must be one of those Jewish tricks. Make your own addons codelet. I bet you don't even know Python.

>> No.776158

josh shut the fuck up

>> No.776160

It's on the bottom, so I'm not sure it actually matters all that much, but the bottle is part of something I want to sell, so I just want to make sure I've got as much of it as perfect as possible. For my own projects, I probably wouldn't care either way.

>> No.776164

>found a real good channel but the dude is a kike promoting his fucking 40 dollars addon.
Thoughts like this are the result of effective Blender reconditioning. Truly an achievement of communist methods.

>> No.776166
File: 212 KB, 734x705, circl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The right one is fine even thogh you usually need another loop cut to flatten the center and avoid shading issues
The one on the left is great for hardsurface and if you intend to add more geometry in the middle
If you want to avoid a n-pole you can also just remove a few edges to reroute the loops if that doesn't anoy you

>> No.776167

I am not against selling your work, it's just that it's so hard to find actually good channels on blender that will teach you instead of making you repeat their motions, also, he focuses on my favourite topic, hard surface, i havent found anyone as focused and good at it as him, but he uses the paid addon in EVERY video(hardops) so i cant really profit from his videos.

>> No.776170

Weld modifier should do the trick. Just adjust the distance until it fixes it.

That's because you're on the "view" tab silly.
Go to the "item" tab.

What about 3-5 months?
That depends. Are you any good at art?
If not, you're not gitting gud in months. You'll have to learn art alongside 3d, and that will take years. There's no shortcut to getting gud.

See if the addon has a github or similar, and just grab the source there. Unless the addon comes with dedicated assets, addons are free. It's not piracy, it's just how Blender's license works. If not, just go to CGP. I hear they've opened back up.

>> No.776172

>implying you need to be good at art for 3D
3D is easy mode

>> No.776179

Is there any compilation of blender 2.83 default shortcuts?
Also, any tips on assigning custom shortcuts?
Which ones you guys use?

>> No.776182

If he's wanting to animate characters, he should be. Even more so for porn. Otherwise it'll be a linearly interpolated, or worse, bad bezier monstrosity. 12 Principles is art.

Even for int-viz, he should have a good understanding of composition and light. Hell, even color theory will help.
If you were just modelling shit, then yeah I wouldn't say you needed to be good at art since it's all technical knowledge. You just gotta know how to make something.

But any time you need to make shit look good, art helps. Art is the science of making shit look good.

>> No.776185

>Is there any compilation of blender 2.83 default shortcuts?
Doesn't matter. Use the shortcuts you use often. Only idiots think they need to memorize every shortcut. You'll memorize the important ones as you use them. If you need a shortcut for something, use the search menu to find it, then just remember what it is.

>Also, any tips on assigning custom shortcuts?
Which ones you guys use?
"Q" is the only custom shortcut you ever need.
Right click anything, assign to quick menu. It's even specific to whatever mode you're in. So you can have operations for edit mode that only show up in edit mode and such for the other modes. Even the node editors.

>> No.776194
File: 232 KB, 734x705, loops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, I think I'll go this route. It seems to bne the best solution. Just to be clear, the hi-lited verts in pic related are coplanar, right?

>> No.776195

Ah, I can see why you're frustrated. Have you checked out Arrimus3D? Most of his vids are for Maya, but he has a few Blender ones, and the instruction is pretty much software independent. Some terminology is specific to Maya, but it's pretty easy to figure out the Blender equivalent.

>> No.776200
File: 299 KB, 861x850, circl2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

without subdivision. Just use whatever looks the best or gives you the geometry you want

>> No.776206

well if you are only talking about artistic knowledge i agree with you, otherwise you can do all of that shit without being good at drawing

>> No.776208

I will have a look at his channel, thanks.

>> No.776212

How do I fix a broken edge loop? I basically have a tall box with many segments between (all quads) and I'd like to be able to select the entire loop along one side of it

>> No.776221

very carefully

>> No.776233
File: 17 KB, 416x560, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to make a higher poly model to bake normals from, bevel is taking a big shit on this idea for me. Is there a better way that I should be doing this, or is there a way to fix this? UV map is picture and can be seen not respecting the curve I'd like

>> No.776235

I never mentioned drawing at all.
There's more to art than drawing. Even though a lot of people don't seem to think so. Art =/= 2d.

>> No.776247

i dont have a lava lamp irl but yours looks very cold to the touch yet the fluid moves as if it was hot, maybe increase the wax sss and increase the light source intensity? good job btw

>> No.776251
File: 79 KB, 1080x1080, 15366193738003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm done with the guru's donut
What next?

>> No.776253

Guru's anvil and sofa.

>> No.776255

Fellas, I think I might get hired to do some simple model on SolidWorks. Just a simple pan. Is it possible to learn Solidworks and make one in just one day? Considering I have years of experience with Blender and Houdini

>> No.776263
File: 244 KB, 535x485, normal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what would cause a normal map to come out like this?

>> No.776264

Not enough topology to represent it. Look at it, there's barely any geometry there.

>> No.776266
File: 2.36 MB, 1643x1169, Screenshot (80).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone know a way on how to make the top cling more and actually remain to the body whenever I pose it?

for the clinging part do I really have to just grab the shirt using the proportional editing mode in order to avoid the clipping? seems a bit tedious

>> No.776272

They whole "hurr durr don't ever use mouse for sculpting" are completely retarded
You can do exactly same shit with mouse, the only difference is speed
People who saying mouse is bad are same people who start with tablet and never really sculpted with mouse for more than a day
And don't even let me started about "you going to hurt your hands because you click a lot"

>> No.776273

Tell me anon, is it more comfortable to draw with a pencil, or a fit-sized slab of plastic with a piece of graphite embedded in the bottom?

>> No.776274

Of course with pencil, but sculpting is not really drawing at least this is not how i see it

>> No.776279

The gayness is overpowering the normal vectors.
>You can do exactly same shit with mouse, the only difference is speed
So you can't exactly do the same shit. Speed is essential.

>> No.776281

>Speed is essential
if you working yes
if you hobbying not as much

>> No.776282

>you going to hurt your hands because you click a lot
lmao this, like nigga i use a mouse 12 hours a day why would this make my hand hurt.
Specially if you got dem hotkeys.

>> No.776283

Depend on what you doing
If this personal project speed is not really essential

>> No.776295

If the speed different is something like a factor of 25 then yes it absolutely becomes essential. IDGAF what some retarded autist does in his basement, but you guys don't speak for general hobbyists with your retarded special opinions.
Do you also clean your kitchen floor with a toothbrush, because you totally can, its just a little-bit slower - but speed isn't essential, right? You rather spend half an evening brushing and cleaning every cm of the floor manually than use a fucking mop or similar effective tool?

>> No.776297

lmao if you a retard yeah, the speed difference isnt that big if you know how set up

>> No.776298
File: 2.13 MB, 1024x1024, cube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.776300

why not just remove the topology under it

>> No.776302
File: 173 KB, 1000x501, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have used OpenSCAD a lot. You basically programm your 3D render. Can you do the same with Python and Blender?

>> No.776304

This has nothing to do with the set up and all to do with the nuances you 'll get through pressure sensitivity. The only one being retarded here is you for not getting it.

>> No.776306

Are you trying to imply you cant adjust sensibility with a mouse? Sure it isnt as easy an natural as with a tablet, i am not arguing that a mouse is AS GOOD as tablets but buying a good graphical tablet is quite the investiment for someone who is a hobbyist.

>> No.776307


>> No.776308

Devote one day to learning SW and find out for yourself. Better safe than sorry.

>> No.776310

whatever, man.

>> No.776313

Are addons cheating?
Am i being autist for not using them?

>> No.776316

>Are you trying to imply you cant adjust sensibility with a mouse?
I am not trying to imply, I am straight up telling you:
You can't adjust sensibility fast enough, and nuanced enough while doing an continuously stroke. And sculpting is actually more forgiving than painting in 2D. Doing it with the mouse is simply not comparable. Have you ever tried it with a tablet, for real?
>but buying a good graphical tablet is quite the investiment for someone who is a hobbyist.
That seems to be the core of your problem.
Here is some good news: It may be not necessary to buy an expensive tablet, as I said, sculpting is a little more forgiving than painting IMHO.
A cheaper one for under 100 bucks may be totally sufficient. I own a cheaper wacom which didn't cost much more and I have been using it for 10 years and it is enough for my work.
Go and ask some other people what they think about it, but I say you don't have to invest that much.

>> No.776317

Addons are tools or tool expansions.
Are you an absolute idiot for not using the right tools for stupid reasons?
Oh for sure you are. Now go cry in a corner.
The only reason where the word cheating makes any sense if you confuse addons with assets (or if addons essentially are assets) and you present the end result as completely your work.

>> No.776318

>Are you any good at art?
Artist got to break things very hard for posing and gestures, but i hate this part. I also don't like to do shading.
Since 3d doesn't have any of these, i decided to give it a try.

>> No.776319

Any channel teaching how to make weapon assets instead of just timelapse?

>> No.776320

Subdivide and smooth modifier should fix ur dildo.

>> No.776321

Copy the faces under and replace it with the ones above.

>> No.776322
File: 383 KB, 558x894, normal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even with a higher poly, I still can't get a back that's any good. It just seems like the normals are kind of exaggerated or something, making the faces look like they're bulging out.

>> No.776323

I'm kinda like this too. I mostly only use the addons provided with Blender since it keeps updating and often times the devs of addons just abandon their shit or are too slow to update just when you got used to it.
Vanilla Blender + a lot of built in addons activated is it for me.

>> No.776326

Are using substance painter cheating?
Should i make textures in MS Paint?

>> No.776327

Shade smooth? that doesnt look like shade smooth at all.

>> No.776334

because I actually want the nipples to be seen through the fabric
I want the model to switch easily between clothed mode and nude mode

>> No.776346

This ended up doing the trick. I had no idea that mattered in reality, I thought it only had an effect on how it was shown in the viewport. The normal map still looks completely fucked up in the viewport (out of date?) but it's totally fine in game.

>> No.776348

is there any way to split edges anons?
i have a edge that goes past it's intended vertex

>> No.776349

How common is using Blender with Python?

>> No.776352

Every addon is written in python. I'm not sure if it's common to use it for CAD purposes but it's certainly possible.

>> No.776353

every addon is on python nigga

>> No.776355

I am not talking about addons, but creating models with scripts only. In OpenScad I found it very useful to parameterize your entire model.

>> No.776363
File: 121 KB, 799x394, albbbe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it really necessary to plug all the denoising data into the denoiser node? I've been just plugging the image onto the denoiser every time since it was added, but all youtube tutorials say you have to use denoising data.

>> No.776386
File: 3.28 MB, 3364x1206, Screenshot (83).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guess this tutorial will help me rig the clothes to the body
the shirt was imported from daz and it seems it has it s own rig

I was planning on using this tutorial to rig

though shouldn't I delete the current clothes rig?

>> No.776395

Cut it, then weld the vertices.

>> No.776397

So i was trying to make some sort of blade... it was looking good, making the edge curved was kinda of a pain but i got it, i got stuck when trying to make the point though, how am i suposed to do that?

>> No.776398
File: 974 KB, 849x562, dfserr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to model this thing, but I'm having trouble finding good references from every side, so a lot of the geometry on the back is a mystery to me. How would you solve this? So far I'm struggling to get that back square part to look right.

>> No.776399


also this model seems to already exist here https://www.bizerba.com/en/products/slicers/manual-gravity-feed-slicers-gsp/gsp-h/gsp-h.html

but I see no option to download it.

would it be more productive to go look for the model instead of trying to recreate it?

>> No.776402

It may look like a clusterfuck but once you break it down to individual shapes it's not that bad. You might be able to pull it off without seeing the other side if you think about how it works and then modeling and putting everything together according to this.
But to be honest you should be able to find sort of similar machines on sites that sell these professional machines. Often times many machines look kinda similar, no matter the brand.

>> No.776404
File: 60 KB, 778x527, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


that's what I'm trying to do here, I think I start with a good base but when trying to do that part on the back my geometry begins to get completely messed up. Maybe I should try doing it with a boolean or something?

>> No.776406

I guess you just use whatever you're more comfortable with. Boolean memes need a big cleanup afterwards.
Whatever you do, it won't be wasted time because it just adds to your experience and you may learn things on the way again.

>> No.776429
File: 1.01 MB, 1080x1080, proyects.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm getting somewhere

>> No.776443
File: 3.19 MB, 1920x1080, cafe_render_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A complete noob here and too stupid to understand why it looks like shit. It would be very appreciated if I could get some pointers!

>> No.776446

How do I preview textures on the model in look dev or rendered in 2.8? How do I actually apply the texture to the model without going to shading tab?

>> No.776468

Start by fixing your texture scaling. Also they're way too grungy, find something that looks cleaner. Orange lights are too strong.

>> No.776470
File: 288 KB, 360x450, Office_of_the_Watch_Interior_-_Morrowind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember where i saw a tavern like this

>> No.776471

>We're watching you.... scum.

>> No.776473

Thank you! I'll get working on fixing that!

>> No.776485

Is there any channel focused on hard surface for begginers?

>> No.776492
File: 25 KB, 260x260, iu[3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is a texture node exactly? why is it that when you mix texture nodes like noise, cloud, musgrove, etc that you create a texture that has "infinite quality" that can scale as large as you want without being blurry? as opposed to using a traditional 1024x1024 image texture or even something stupidly big and there will be a point when you could make something so big that even that would be blurry.

How could I hypothetically create my own texture node pattern that works like the others do?

>> No.776497

Think of a texture node as a function that looks up what value the position being rendered has according to the UV coordinate given.

If you use a bitmap it looks what pixels are relevant and sample those according to your texture sampling settings to determine what color the rendered pixel shall have.

If you use noise, cloud, musgrave etc instead of reading the value from a bitmap it is being feed as the result of a mathematical formula that generate the pattern
thru an algorithm/fractal.

To invent new texture node patterns that works like that you need to come up with some function that spits out the values you need for the pattern you want to create.
This is a pretty big brain endavour and a lot of the ones we use have been found/invented by expert programmers and mathematicians.

Like Perlin noise is named 'Perlin' after Ken Perlin who invented that algorithm back in 83.

>> No.776501
File: 721 KB, 1924x1056, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When i press space to simulate cloth on plane nothing happens
I didn't get any answer when i posted this problem month ago anyone know how to fix it?

>> No.776502

watch blenderguru's video

>> No.776507


Besides i have low resolution issue and not enough frame i have to start all over again

>> No.776510
File: 361 KB, 498x498, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Frens, i can't move one dot with the nearest to fallow.
I can only move one dot separately, or every dot all together with the selected one.
What's wrong?

>> No.776512
File: 55 KB, 220x224, XD_satania.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesnt use bools

>> No.776513

What bools?

>> No.776514

god grant videos are so boring but i feel like jumping headfirst into the hard surface channels is suicide

>> No.776515

Problem solved thanks to YouTube comments

>> No.776563

The denoising normals are important as this allows the denoiser to detect -and keep- edges. Not sure about the albedo, though. At least when working with metallic materials this only gives worse results

>> No.776569

The lighting sucks and the composition is all over the place, there's no focus point. You should lower the strength of the sun lamp a bit and add some volumetrics and some sort of fill light inside the room. Considering how strong the sun lamp is, it feels like it should be daytime but the window is very dark.

And like the other anon said, your textures are too big.

The biggest problem here is the composition though. Focus the camera on something.

>> No.776570

You could try baking it to see if that's the problem. See if gravity is set to 1 on field weights

>> No.776571

That makes sense but the denoiser already keeps the edges without plugging all that stuff in. Even with extremely low samples it detects the bump maps and everything else

>> No.776579
File: 130 KB, 900x920, ffa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright guys I got fucking hired to make a .step file of a pan to be sent to the manufacturer

Thing is, I've never touched solidworks before, but I have years of experience with Blender, Houdini and other softwares. I have a week to learn basic solidworks. How hard can it be? Is it possible for me to fuck up?

>> No.776582

Does it need to be on Solidworks? Fusion360 is probably easier and I believe you can still export STEP. There are also lots of to-the-point tutorials online, which may be of great help in your situation.

>> No.776584

>Is it possible for me to fuck up?
That possibility is always there Anon.
I would agree with this dude >>776582
Fusion360 seems more easy to learn. I once played around with it and it was easily comprehensible.
In general I think you can do it. 1 weeks seems to be enough. I probably could do it - so you can do it too.

>> No.776589

Why can't they deal with blender model?

>> No.776590

Great, I'll use Fusion360 then. I think a week is a reasonable deadline

Because .step files are parametric and infinitely smooth. You can't have polygons on that

>> No.776595
File: 1008 KB, 2500x2697, 16029508163320~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.776597
File: 285 KB, 750x650, ifyoureadthisyoureafaggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.776598

Proving once again that blendlets don't even know the names of software they are supposed to be smug about.

>> No.776606

>Blendlets here Blendlets there
Hilarious how people so buttblasted about it even keep lurking in Blender threads. They really love to be disgusted by it and getting their panties in a bunch lmao

>> No.776611

>what is the index mode?

>> No.776623
File: 47 KB, 500x460, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTAYRT but point remains, index or no, you didn't HAVE to click on this thread and post in here

>> No.776644

>what is 4chan X?

>> No.776651

You have to be euthanized.

Thanks, great job, please keep it up.

>> No.776653

You're dealing with literal IQ70 retards in this case. Even someone at 80 would get it but they do not. Also, too bored and hence love getting all butthurt about their Blendlets.

>> No.776656


>> No.776659

Thoughts on CGCookie?

>> No.776664
File: 2.39 MB, 1440x2560, spotlights16c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New wallpaper, not sure about it... what does /3/ think?

>> No.776687

Why should anyone care about a bunch of primitives?
it just looks like "I'm new and throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks". Keep at it, but stop asking what people care about your beginner exercises/studies.
You're just fishing for compliments to validate yourself like a teenage girl, so you can form an opinion about your work based on what others think of it. "Omg I look so ugly in this pic lol."
If people don't like it, neither will you, but if you're showered with praise all of a sudden you'll think it's the best thing ever.

Keep on truckin, you'll get there. Just keep studies to yourself so you don't get a big head when you get empty praise, or get extremely discouraged when people rip your stuff apart.

>> No.776692

i rate it normal-map/10

>> No.776693

>Why should anyone care about a bunch of primitives?
Anon, you can't say that!

>> No.776694

You can create complex shapes with python if u have the knowledge, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVUvnSJ-t3M

>> No.776699

Oh sorry, a bunch of "indigenous prisms". I can be so insensitive sometimes.

>> No.776742

Just wondering, is it possible to have a material render what a camera sees in eevee? Kinda like what half life 2 used to have back in 2004 with its cctv cameras.

>> No.776785

I need something to make Texture paint not suck so much. Wish there was a hotkey to quick switch between colors like any painting software.

>> No.776793
File: 215 KB, 500x500, 15388910344410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bros, my donut isn't bumpy and looks dirty
Pls say something nice to me

>> No.776794

Post donut

>> No.776798 [DELETED] 

Redline Ronin and The Seven Deadly Swords - Opening 1 | Resurrection


>> No.776801

why does my texture painting sometimes extend just outside of the face on the uv? are they just too close together?

>> No.776817

Not natively. That would probably need a whole re-work of the camera system to do that.
I'm not intimately familiar with the other softwares, but I'm almost certain Max/Maya can't do that shit either. Maybe C4D could, since it feels like less of 3d modelling and more vfx, but I still doubt it.

You're just gonna have to render out a video or image sequence and use it as a texture on your object.

>> No.776819

Could be your resolution.
Your UVs are in a floating-point space, but pixels are pixels and have a whole-number position. So you could have UVs that border between 2 pixels, so they'll extend past it because it doesn't fit neatly into a pixel grid.
Only way to fix it is a higher resolution texture.

Unless I'm understanding your problem wrong.

>> No.776845

Watch some videos, someone has almost certainly come up with a workflow better than how you're doing it
There's also a palettes addon builtin (but not enabled by default) and you can bind anything to the context sensitive remember hotkey (Q by default I think?)

>> No.776851
File: 535 KB, 530x630, dingolaff.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>his "hard surface modelling" is just a metric fuckton of booleans onto simple shapes making a whole load of visual noise without ever producing any beautiful shapes or striking designs

>> No.776873

Honestly if you use booleans for anything other than extreme cases, you're a terrible modeler. I keep seeing these youtube videos about "HOW I MODELED THIS COMPLEX SHAPES USING BOOLEANS". Every single one could easily be done with standard modeling, AND the geometry wouldn't be all over the place

>> No.776875
File: 384 KB, 2000x1333, we-d-ride-a-scooter-if-they-all-looked-as-good-as-this-lambretta-1476934433413-2000x1333[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

booleans are what they are, good for specific use cases. Thanks to box cutter and youtube though all the blender hard surface bros just keep making fucking cubes with a million divots in it, it's not interesting.

>> No.776876

They should be honest to themselves and get into CAD modeling instead.

>> No.776881
File: 2.40 MB, 1299x974, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This; it's impressive and all but if you're going to make it so detailed it looks actually manufacturable - why not fucking make it in CAD in the first place?? You wouldn't even have to faff about with geometry!

>> No.776883

I see. Thanks man.

>> No.776884

you could use the compositor with a different render from the 2nd camera if you want it to be completely automatic

>> No.776885

no you got it exactly right, thanks man

>> No.776915

Ok, I've got a BIG problem right now. I realized I have accidentally overwritten my fluid sim cache and can't go back anymore. However, I did export the sim in alembic for Unreal, so I thought that can work as a backup, but now for some reason it doesn't want to import back to Blender?

Nothing happens, it's literally a fluid sim exported to alembic FROM blender, and now I can't import it BACK to blender? Wtf?

>> No.776918

Yeah; alembic support is really shitty. Sometimes it works flawless until it doesn't.

>> No.776925

Any good tutorials for sculpting with 2.90.1? I want to finally learn it. Videos preferred.

>> No.776936

I guess you could try importing it into another software and then re-export is as alembic. I usually don't have trouble importing alembics into Blender

>> No.776941

Blender Today is live right now


>> No.776959
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Why doesn't my chair look quite as glossy as in tutorial? Is this the correct look?

>> No.776965

Your bumpiness/normal maps are very strong, that takes away from the glossiness a bit. The screws on the left are dark because they're reflecting the world, which I assume you set to black. If you want it to not be dark you should lower roughness/metallic and make the colors brighter if it's dark.

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His normal value is set to 3. Mine is 2, but changing to 3 or 1 doesn't change much. It still isn't as "oily" as his.

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any reccomendations for hard surface tutorials without hard ops/box cutter?
I have both addons but i want to learn vanilla first

>> No.776991

seconding this but videos teaching how to sculpt with a mouse

>> No.776993

>implying you cant just easily fix topology after booleans

>> No.776994

>implying time is not a factor

>> No.776995

Lower roughness to .3 or .4 increase specular to over 0.5. Preferably 1.

>> No.776998

Yeah because doing shit you can do with booleans without them is certainly as/faster right?
Seriously people overblow the impact of booleans specially with how much HO/BC improve your production.

>> No.777000

Just rise the metalness untill u get ur glossy shit.

>> No.777011

These guys >>776995 >>776995 are both wrong.
Turn the clearcoat on, and lower the roughness of it to like 0.2 - 0.3.
It doesn't look like the normals are affecting the surface in that image, so the normal map is affecting what's under the clearcoat. Like varnish/oil on top of wood.

Clearcoat is for adding glossy reflections to something you want to keep rough, and give it kind of a "skin" on top.

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making a shiddy haus

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Yeah, this looks much glossier. I set it to 0.1 here. Higher numbers lose the effect.

Still, Andrew doesn't have clearcoat in his video. But I just realized that he used a different premium texture in his chair, maybe it has more intense gloss texture.

>> No.777021

Anon believe me your normal maps and bump are too high. I know I wouldn't want to sit in a chair like that, it looks like 2cm of varnish were added just to cover the ridges on the wood. Lower both clearcoat and normal values and it will look a lot better

>> No.777022

fresh bread: >>777018

>> No.777027

Now that I have clearcoat lowering bump does look better. But it doesn't really have anything to do with gloss.

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behead those who insult blender

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...and Pablo Vasquez is his messenger

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>But it doesn't really have anything to do with gloss.
It actually does.
Think about what roughness actually means/does.

IRL, the more rough a surface is, the more "bumpy" (for lack of a better term) it is on a small scale, which means that light rays don't bounce and reflect to the eye, but instead get trapped and disperse in different directions.
This is what the roughness value in 3d represents. The lower the roughness, the more things bounce back, the higher it is, the more things get dispersed.

Now think real good, what does a normal map do? It emulates surface displacement.
The more displaced a surface is, the more rough it is. Which means it's less glossy.
The more you crank up a normal map, the less glossy something will get.

>> No.777120

What's the model and clothes?

>> No.777802

Take what those other anons said and include this
>your camera field of view is too high. Lower it to mimic real life cameras narrow capture.
>scene is too dark, monochrome, and contrast is too high
>foliage looking kinda strange and sickly except for the over exposed leaf by the window. Either get rid of foliage or better integrate it into the architectural style

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Guys I've asked everywhere and no one was able to help. This should be simple, I think, and I'll upload the model if that's what it takes to get an answer.

Long story short, I followed two tutorials. One on making a low poly dude and a separate one on rigging and animation. The low poly dude tutorial had me link each piece of the model to specific bones while the animation tutorial was for IK and double joints. This tutorial worked fine on the arms but for some reason I'm getting this issue on the leg. It's bending the wrong way.

I've pulled the knee forward, I've completely rebuilt the rig with and without the knee. Nothing seems to be working.

>> No.778121

Use the IK guide bones

>> No.778126

What the fuck happened to the animation system since 2.8? Previously I could literally drag and drop the .blend file into Unity and pull all the animation clips nicely separated just how I set them in the action editor. Now it just imports one clip called "Scene" with the last selected animation in action editor, and if I export it properly via .fbx it exports "Scene" plus last animation set on an animated mesh. How do you actually export your animations now?

>> No.778210

Use them how? If I move the guide bone in extremely strange ways I can get the kneed to almost bend properly but it not only doesn't seem proper, it's not actually close enough.

>> No.778269

They also need to have assigned correct rotation in the constraint panel, and be in relation with a proper bone. If it was put right then your IK constraint itself is probably done badly, like with a bad chain number, etc.

Btw why did you use additional bones for kneecaps? What do you exactly plan on animating there? It may be the cause of issue too since they're probably not constrained at all.
There's basically so many things you could've done wrong here then it's hard to tell what's really your problem

>> No.778333

https://youtu.be/JbQX8C3lrHE I was following this tutorial for the knee cap. I realize I don't NEED it but I assumed the problem I was experiencing had less to do with the knee and more to do with something I misunderstood.

As an anon in the other thread helped me learn, the answer was in the bone properties tab. Under IK, you can lock bones in the chain from bending on certain axis.

I'm new to Blender and just wanted to animate basic stuff like a walk-cycle and things like that. When I was a kid, I used to do stick fight animations. Would be pretty cool to do something like that in 3d.

>> No.778340

>I'm new to Blender and just wanted to animate basic stuff
>I was following this tutorial

>> No.778592

Wait, have we all done the donnut?

>> No.779545

It's advanced in the sense that he added 4 more bones to the already basic rig.

What I'd actually consider advanced rigging is a complex model with proper weight painting and things like that. I can't even model a face, let alone animate one. I would think that IK is fairly basic.