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I have a weird...I don't know what to call it. Maybe, a phobia? A disturbance? Just something about me. Call it what you will. No matter the name, I can't seem to escape it. Whenever I look at game character models, I am 100% okay. But, when I look at a game's environments, like levels exported (especially if in a real-time editor that shows character spawns or other such things visually), then I get totally freaked out. Something about seeing a vibrant game world turned completely lifeless, devoid of the lighting and movement and music that gives it life, really disturbs me. I have attached a pic as example. I'm not sure why this is, but it is very hard for me to look at these worlds. I feel fine when I make my own, just something terrible to me about looking at those I rip from games or otherwise see in editors. Does anyone else ever have this feeling?

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It's because you get too involved into virtual worlds so that your brain almost thinks it's real and when you see that shit all stripped to the wireframe and shit you get uncanny feelings. Kinda like seeing skeletons in RL.
There are also people who get seriously disturbed in Second Life for example, where avatars load with deformed heads/bodies or things load with eyes without a skull first or other irregular loading until the shit has finally loaded 100%.

I'd say reflect about how much time you spend in front of the PC and maybe you even grew up playing vidya the whole fucking day from very early on.
Anyways, if you start doing 3D modeling those feelings will get numbed down because you'll see "lifeless" models and scenes all the fucking time until you blow life into the scene yourself when the project comes together.

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I suggest you play Observer if you ever feel like giving yourself a panic attack.

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you are a normal human being
this is called liminal space
your brain acts this way due to the human mind always wanting context or reason, and in this case, there is actually a reason, but they aren't doing what they're supposed to, so your mind freaks out, kind of like waiting for the punchline or something to move.

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Hahaha wow you sure showed that potentially autistic anon who's boss !!
That was so epic and FUNNY i LAUGHED SO HARD dude I hope I see that the next hundred million times an anon asks what's wrong with them on 4 CHAN !
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>liminal space
aka the buzzword of 2020 next to Coronavirus.
I swear I see that word all over the fucking place now. It's used for every little environment that someone gets even the slightest tinge of weird while looking at it.

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t. literal autist

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I get this sometimes when a game breaks but its more with the floor breaking and falling through it. Maybe others here share that. I think it might be similar to how some people are afraid of the ocean and swimming in the middle of it or something.

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I have a similar problem with large objects and how they move in relation to the environment.

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impressed by anybody still using a Galaxy S5

OP here again, I'm never bothered when shit goes wrong in-game, it's more when everything is just static and motionless like in an editor.

I also sometimes get disturbed by mannequins or cardboard cutouts, so it might have something to do with that. I don't claim to be normal in the mind (who on 4chan could do so in good faith anyway), so it might be something strange.

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>using "smart" phones ever
have fun getting tracked and bugged wherever you go

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>impressed by anybody still using a Galaxy S5

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I also run a Samsung Galaxy S5 on lineageOS

Works great, phone's a tank.

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>Being so focused on whether or not people have autism that you can't tell he's clearly trying to act as retarded as the person he's replying to.

You have asperger's anon.

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>implying it matters

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Do you not know that having Asperger's means you're also autistic?
Am I being baited?

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That's great. I miss the S5 and Note 4 because they had removable batteries. Ultimately my note 4 I had to replace because it had a broken charge port, and even if I could recharge with external battery charger, I couldn't barely operate the phone anymore on its stock OS. I'm glad you're still able to run it, I would have probably done as you did if I hadn't decided to go back to a blackberry. Of course, the new ones run the apps, but they don't compare to my GOAT, the bold 9930. Alas, my carrier won't even consider activating (or reactivating) a 3G phone now. As for the hardware, I'll save my criticisms of modern BB for the rare /g/ blackberry thread.

This thread is going off the rails anyway, I've at least gotten some helpful input that I'm not the only one with issues with stuff like this, particularly thank you to >>733026 for giving me some perspective. I've always been able to immerse myself easily in games, so I think it's the shock of seeing the world I was immersed in stripped down to its functional elements, like taking the skin off of an animatronic or something. I'll try immersing myself more into it so that I can get used to it or at least not so bothered by it.

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im more autistic than all of you - combined. i'll say it again - im more autistic than all of you COMBINED. if you combined all of your autisms, im probably the most autistic even if you combined all of them.

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Yep. Me too. And it's also not what liminal means.

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