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So I want to get into 3d.

I want to get a new imac, but I'm wondering if I can use it to get some 3d work done. I know it isn't optimal, but I would like to get it for other reasons besides 3d... then wait for Threadripper 4000 to build a dedicated 3d system.

So essentially, I'm asking if I could use an imac to get started learning and get some traction with 3d

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Like half the people doing 3D use a Mac. The huge screens are god tier too, and you’re on a UNIX based OS which is the standard in film studios.

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Hmm. I was under the impression that macos didnt do CUDA/opencl.

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imacs are extremely overpriced

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They more and more fuck with OpenGL/Vulkan and are on the way out of x86 architecture.
I wouldn't get one if I wanted to use the machine for more than one or two years with 3D shit.

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>half the people doing 3D use a Mac
>source: my ass
The standard in film studios is Linux, not an fucked up Closed Source version of BSD.
I get it, you Macfags want to feel appreciated and relevant, but you aren't since at least a decade when it comes to 3D in Media.

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But FCP and premiere dont run on linux?

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Stop being a fag and buy a threadripper based system with a good nvidia video card and with the remaining money just buy hooker and coke. Macs are overpriced toys for dead brained retards

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So fucking what if these 2 dimensional non-linear video editors don't run on Linux.
Does your Brain hurt or something - you got corona virus in your synapses?

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Which 3d programs are you referring to?

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None specifically.
What exactly is your question?
Do you want to know what 3D programs are running on Linux?
All of them except 3DSMax and ZBrush.

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Houdini doesnt.

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Oh shit, nm.

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redshift and octane are porting their sub par render engine to metal

we'll see how that goes

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What? Houdini works in Linux, and better than in other OSes.

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>Like half the people doing 3D use a Mac.
What a load of shit. 3D mac users are a small minority, mostly using Cinema 4D.

You can definitely get started with doing 3D on a mac, just be aware you're probably going to run into bugs/compatibility issues that are unique to the mac versions of DCC apps (with C4D maybe being the exception?). Since you're just using the machine to get started/learn it should be fine.

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Thank you. I may also get a Wacom pro 24". I'll make a new thread about that though.

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There's no more support for CUDA since Mojave

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Op here. I decided on threadripper 3970x with a quadro.

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iMacs are good allrounders despite whatever unemployed /g/ dorks say, but for 3d it might be a bit of a weak system anon. I would absolutely recommend it for graphic design because the screen is quite nice, but I am afraid it won't cut it for 3d stuff. I mean, I can't imagine running a heavy houdini sim on a fucking imac. Keep also in mind that CUDA is no longer a thing in recent OSX versions even if you are using a hackintosh, and that directly removes options like octane and redshift. Honestly, I think you'd do better getting a cuda capable big dick windows PC and maybe some cheap pre-touchbar macbook for general use if you can't scratch the macfag itch. Apple is not what it once was, they absolutely love taking a shit on pros nowadays, and the prices are unreasonable in many cases.

FCPX is second to none when it comes to ease of use and hassle-free performance, a pleasure to use if you work alone. However Davinci Resolve is a way more complete solution that is not hard to learn and runs on windows as well. Premiere just no longer works well. Only the most recalcitrant white haired boomers are clinging to it in this day and age. Specs are not even relevant anymore, it just got close to unusable. Rumor says that pajeets at adobe do not fully understand the code they inherited for many of the adobe programs and they are just adding useless JS modules on top of it in order to release new versions before the situation inevitably implodes.

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Fedora/CentOS/RHEL are the common linux distros for 3D.

It's worth noting that if you're using Blender (if you're a beginner, you should be. Don't spend money on the paid apps until you're good enough to make it worth it), it runs a little faster on Linux. But Blender is easier to build on Windows (if you want to start learning software development side).

I get all I need out of Kdenlive for a video editor... but if you do a lot of video editing and don't like to figure stuff out, ymmv.

Don't waste your money on a cintiq. Get a cheap tablet and use it for a while. I'm still using a Bamboo that I've had for almost ten years. At university I have a cintiq, but I never use it because it's honestly not as good as my Bamboo. So I can see stuff on the screen! Big whoop. It's a crappy, dark screen with bad colors, the hardware is a hassle and the drivers are even worse.

But definitely don't get a Mac. Windows/Linux dual-boot is probably the best choice for a beginner, and really you should stick with Windows if you only want to learn one thing at a time.

MVP- minimum viable product. This is what you need. Don't spend a fortune on something you're not sure you'll be any good at. Don't buy professional software if you're not looking to become a professional within a year or two (and it takes a lot longer than a year or two to develop the skills). If you start with Blender and a cheap Bamboo, you'll have no trouble switching to Maya/Max etc. and a nicer tablet. You'll even be ahead of the curve.

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