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Job: Lead 3D for startup in web interior architecture visualization

Money: 35k euros for 4 days per week (and mostly remote)

Location: Paris

Software(s): Blender, Substance Painter/Designer, some Houdini

Experience: 3-4 years, 1 year actually making enough money

Education: Master but in another somewhat related field

Details: I do mostly quality control, for most of the modeling work I just hire remote artists for cheap and tell them what's expected for gltf optimized assets. I handle the artistic direction and the overall file management. So there is a fair bit of Python scripting, retouching assets, and modeling/texturing things that I can't outsource. I enjoy the work it's chill, I get to do things my way as I'm the only in-house 3D artist.

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>35k euros for 4 days per week
and yet you post here instead of doing something fun with your free time and all that money. somehow you're a bigger looser than me...and I animate porn for 35k/year.

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that's per 35k PER YEAR for 4 days a week lmao. Who is talking about salary per week except fucking british

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Didn't know you could make 35k/year with porn if that's true, care to give details?

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I'm not British.

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>35k euros for 4 days per week
fucking kek you are one stupid mother fucker

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OP here
I meant 35k per year. Working 4 days a week. How fucking stupid do you have to believe I'd mean 35k for 4 days of work for this job, do you guys have even worked once in your life? fucking brainlets.

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>I was only pretending to be retarded
Fuck off Frenchie

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Only >>732750 misread it I think

we know who the retard was in this thread and it wasn't OP, amusing that you came back though

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FrenchAnon here, ima just do little check

Si je te dis: Wesh wesh canne a peche, c'est quoi la sixième?

that should not be translatable, answer correctly and you will be the first frenchman on this board out of 5 that didn't lie on being one.

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You understand I can just hit up my french bud on discord and shatter your theory right?

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Don't distract now retard.

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> 3d modele
8716k a year
remotr xd

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>I'm not British.
>There is unironically, pathetic non Anglo sub human filth posting on this board as we speak.

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European yes, British nope

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24k Caretaker. I turn on the boiler in the morning and hide until lunch. Do some cleaning or whatever needs doing until 4 then I leave. You couldn't pay me enough to go into CG fulltime.

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75k Euros per year. 35h week. Bigger company in Germoney. Not much 3D, mostly design in PS.

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i'm unemployed. looking to start working delivery for 12,50/h or warehouse nightshifts for 15/h.

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so you do textures or UI/ menu stuff?

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Imagine making more and working less than experienced engineers.

Germans, as long as you aren't overpaid like this dude: get the fuck out of this shithole. I'll be moving once I have my 3 years together at my current employer.

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No one making 6 figures being a maker?
So we really need to become bullshit artist to make serious money?

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I'm in aerospace engineering, also in Germany, and I make more than that. I work longer hours, that's all.

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>Si je te dis: Wesh wesh canne a peche, c'est quoi la sixième?
If I tell you: Wesh wesh fishing rod, what's the sixth?

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25, unemployed living in a country where the average wage is 1200$. If I could earn 1200$ a month doing graphic design from home I would be so happy.

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If your goal is to be rich don't be a cg artist obviously, we're upper working class but still working class

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>Lead 3D with 3-4 years experience

... okay kid

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>in web interior architecture visualization
he didn't say he was a lead at framestore

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I wish my country avg was 1200. Currently it is $400.
27, computer science graduate. unemployed.

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do night-time deliveries. its 3x min wage

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