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I really like the aesthetic of the OSRS (old school runescape) models. I want to make my own stuff that follows the look. What sort of techniques do you think these use?

It looks like gourard shading and not phong lighting. Any real insight you can give me would be great. I know there are models ripped online but IDK where to find them.

Is there any documentation online like what tools they used to make these? I get that they aren't the most exciting looking, but I think a scene with a coherent style with these graphics is really nice to look at.

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Probably gouraud because it was quicker to calculate.
I see nothing special here, they just don't use any textures.

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OP here, I notice the eye slots on the knight helmet visor seem super erratic, is this a Z buffer distortion or do you think they were modeled like that?

So on top of gouraud, do you think there is a ballpark polygon limit to these? I cant make out most of the polygons because of the shader but it obviously is "low poly" but exactly how low i cant say. But im sure that is what gives it its look.

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I can't say that for sure, but chances are good that a lot of these are actually "floating" details, ie polygons not connected to the rest of the mesh.
Can't comment on the poly limit, you'll have to try recreating one yourself.

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bizarre, ive never made a model with floating details. I guess thats just one of the quirks of old school videogames and being creative with what you had

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The vertices in OSRS are very low precision, meaning when they are animated, they overtly snap from value to value. This gives them a very distinctive jitter.

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so what i should take from this is that most likely the actual models themselves look better than whats in screenshots or ion your screen in game?

If that's the case, is that just a quirk of how they coded the game engine? im not sure exactly what you mean by vertices bein low precision so im interpreting it as a game engine flaw. It does add a sort of shitty charm to it though.

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It's a quirk of their engine. If you watch some of their art streams, they talk about this limitation. Funnily enough, I was looking into how to change the vertex precision in blender, but I haven't found anything yet.

Vertex precision just means the data values attributed for vertex position.

8bit vertices would mean 256 different places in each axis the vertex could be, so if your bounding box is 5 meters, the minimum space between vertices is 2cm. You can see how this would affect the design of models since there is effectively a minimum feature size.

Also if you had a square that rotated in 8bit space, it would "jitter" since a truly smooth rotation would require the vertices go between the possible locations, so the nearest possible location is chosen.

Modern renderers use floating point values with big bit sizes, which effectively means you can place your vertices exceedingly close to one another.

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jagex does art streams? That pretty cool. on youtube or something? Id love to watch some.

Is this like the ps1 issue of crap wobbling or something different?

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They do these kinds of stream all the time. Basically they design the meshes in maya/3dsmax and import it to their own editor where they will tweak it

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Floating details are used in modeling all the time.

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for what? I get why the n64 would use floating faces but not why a modern game.

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